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8 Debates That Will Teach You on Different Perspectives of Life

Here is a list of 8 civilized, calmly conducted, respectful debates about various subjects we all tackle in our day-to-day lives. The topics are relevant and the conversations are engaging. This is your chance to hear what the "other side" has to say. Can atheists and Christians find common ground? Can teenagers and their parents see eye to eye? Can vegans and meat-eaters enjoy a respectful dialog of understanding? The answers may surprise you. We invite you to dive in, in hopes that you'll be able to find new perspectives on life and other people. 


Atheists versus Christians
An atheist and a Christian walk into a bar. And they discuss topics such as the value and worth of life, the good and bad in every person, and their beliefs on the existence of a higher power. Do they meet in the middle?
Can Money Make You Happy?
The topic of billionaires and the decadence that comes with the riches is millennia-old, if not older. Money has always split society, but in recent times this subject has become a hot topic in the USA. Hear what each side has to say on the matter. 
What is the Worth of Education?
College is so much more than just an education. Depending on what, where, and if you studied, society will determine your social ranking and your income potential. The name of the institute you did or did not get into is a status symbol. Is it right? Let's hear some opinions. 
Religious versus Science
Here we have a Christian pastor, a Jewish Rabbi, and a Buddhist minister coming together to debate with a volcanologist, a geologist-paleontologist, and a chemist. They will try to find common grounds around burning questions about the origins of life and earth. 
Natural vs. Artificial Beauty
This topic came to our attention with the rise of social media platforms and the filters that changed our perception of beauty. Young women search for cosmetic help in achieving a look that will be like those filters. What is the toll on their mental health and who is profiting from it?
Teenagers versus Their Parents
Though it may sound like it, this is not a family therapy session. The debaters' opinions are sure to surprise you. Remember the "you'll understand when you're older" catch-phrase? Turns out our teens believe in it more than we do. 
Meat-Eaters versus Vegans
The internet is filled with clichés about vegans. We can guarantee you'll hear none of them in this interesting debate. You'll see participants change their minds and advocate for or against veganism after having tried both diets, but above all, you'll see them listen. Really listen.  
Piece Activists versus War Veterans 
A touchy subject. Much has been said and written about peace and war. Is war just? Are there truly no rules in it? Is it necessary or is there another way? Can it benefit us at all? Is it inevitable? Is it a choice or is it our duty? Listen to experienced parties weigh in. 
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