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Play Through 13 Challenging Math Quizzes

We've got a lot of requests for math quizzes and we're nothing if not crowd pleasers! We'd like for you to enjoy a mathematical banquet with these 13 quizzes challenging you below these words. Pick one, and let the games begin!
It's been some time since grade school, but sometimes the oddest bit of information blazes in my head, a remnant of days long ago. These math riddles before you will test your memory of what you were taught in school, as you'll be needing this knowledge (or very good logic) to solve them. Just click on any of the cards to see the correct answer!

Can You Beat This Math Test?

Can you make calculations in your head without resorting to a calculator? These days, more and more kids of the new generation are seemingly unable to do math in their heads. Can you? If so, then take our math test challenge and see how well you can do sums in your head.
Welcome back to the king of all logic tests - Math. Mathematics is the heart and soul of our world. It's everywhere, and we learn it at school for very good reasons. Do you recall your studies, or have you never let them wain, to begin with? If so, you are a shoo-in for this test! Ready? Let's go!
This algebra test has been making its rounds around the web and stumping about 6 out of 10 adults! But I have faith in our smart Baba-Mail readers, and I KNOW you can beat this math quiz! So put your brain in high gear, and get ready to solve some equations!
We really enjoy finding the most fun quizzes for you guys and we've noticed you like the math quizzes best. So we decided to bring you a new one today. This one starts simple but gets more challenging as you continue, it has 25 questions so even if you get a few of them wrong you can still get a really good score!
Most of us have learned of Roman numerals at school. The system that was replaced by the Math we know today based on the 10 numbers. This system used Latin letters to indicate the number, and the placement of the letters would change the number completely. Do you think you understand it well enough to get a good grade on this ancient Math test?
To pass this math quiz, you don't need to be a math wiz. You just need to be able to figure out the rules governing the following equations and then complete the last one. Some may seem tough, but once you find the rule behind each equation it should be easy.
Forget about calculators. For this quiz, you need to use your old noggin, the original calculator. This quiz will take you from insane additions to weird divisions, and while it may take some thinking, you can probably find the solution if you give it a little thought. We're rooting for ya!
This math quiz isn't easy. It will require you to do two operations - the first is to find the variables hidden in the formula, the second - to solve the formula itself. Not an easy task, but once you get into it, your way will become clear. Give it some thought and focus, and we're sure you can ace it!
We're feeling a little dumb here at the BabaMail offices. Nobody seems to be able to get a perfect score on this test! Now don't make us feel bad if you do better than us, but if you don't - we feel you! This is a toughy, and we'd be ever so impressed if it failed to stump you at least a little. We know we have very smart readers, though, so we wish you the best of luck. Let us know how you did!

Can You Solve These Challenging Math Problems?​

We've challenged you in the past with fun math quizzes, but this one may be a bit tricker, and you may need to use more than your memory to solve. Remember, that would be cheating! The idea is to get your aptitude to the subject. Are you ready? Let's go.
Since our last Math Quiz was deemed a bit easy by some of you, today we have something a bit more challenging, and it will require you to solve no less than 25 math problems. Some will be very short and some longer, some very easy and some (especially towards the end) will be quite hard. We wish you good luck!

We Challenge You to Solve These 12 Math Questions

We're about to start a 12 question math quiz. Are you ready for this? In this one, we have a bit of a twist for you, because we're putting you on a timer! That's right, you have 10 minutes to solve this 12 question math quiz. Good luck!
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