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 Do you have the kind of random, crazy knowledge that is perfect for random trivia tests? Then take our newest general knowledge quiz and see if you have what it takes to ace it!
In the movie "The Wizard of Oz", which character does Dorothy meet first?
Dorothy first meets the scarecrow, then the tin man, then the lion and lastly the wizard.
Tin Man
Cowardly Lion
Wizard of Oz
What do you call a group of lizards?
A lounge
A bunch
A clutch
A borrow
How long have dinosaurs been extinct, according to scientists?
The dinosaurs lived on this planet for 165 million years, only to disappear 65 million years ago.
10 million years
10 billion years
65 million years
165 million years
Who wrote the original "Dracula" novel?
Born in Ireland, Bram Stoker published Dracula in 1897.
Bram Stoker
Edgar Allen Poe
Mary Shelley
Stephen King
This delicious Spanish drink is made with wine and fruit and the literal translation of its name in English is "bloodletting"?
Getting its name from its red color (although it can be made with white wine as well).
What is the largest type of bear in the world?
Polar Bear
Brown Bear
Grizzly Bear
Black Bear
This play by Shakespeare has a character called Mercutio, a fun loving and witty young man. He is the best friend of one of the protagonists. Which play is it?
He is the best friend of Romeo, and although defends him, dies cursing both houses "A plague o' both your houses!"
Romeo and Juliet
King Henry V
The Taming of the Shrew
Much A-Do About Nothing
What was the first year the modern Olympics took place?
It was held, very appropriately, in Athens, Greece.
In Greek mythology, Hades, the god of the underworld, has a three headed dog guarding the gates. What is the name of this beast?
Cereberus guards the gates not to stop people from coming in. Instead, he guards against the dead trying to leave.
Which of these was NOT one of the 10 plagues God visited upon the Egyptian Pharaoh through Moses?
While the ninth plague was one of darkness, it was not blindness and everyone could see again afterwards.
Death of a firstborn
Which of these aquatic animals kills the most humans each year?
Freshwater snails kill an average of 10,000 humans per year from schistosomiasis.
White Shark
Box Jellyfish
Giant Squid
Freshwater Snails
What is fear of snakes known as?
Upon seeing the Hawaiian islands, Captain Jame Cook wanted to name them...
The Cook Islands
New Corks
The Sandwich Islands
The White Islands
What country does Yoga originate from?
Who was "Rob Roy"?
Rob Roy Macgregor was indeed a real person, kind of a Robin Hood character for the Scottish. The name "Roy" came from his shock of red hair.
The English knight who assassinated the French monarch in the 17th century
The Irish freedom fighter who kicked the English out of Ireland in the early 1800s
A famous Scotsman outlaw who became a folkhero in the 17th century
A famous gladiator from Roman times who beat the Roman Emperor in a fair fight
Your Knowledge Has Some Holes
You didn't pass this test. This doesn't mean you don't have a good general knowledge. After all, we may have just caught you on some stuff you had holes about. But this score does hint at large holes in your general knowledge and the best way to deal with those are either to read or to play more quizzes and learn from your mistakes. There are quite a few more general knowledge tests in our arsenal, why don't you play a few more and see where your knowledge truly stands.
Not Bad, Not Great
Your knowledge is far from impoverished, but there are some large gaps you may want to plug up. It's hard to know where these are and we often remain ignorant about their existence until we are tested. That is why general knowledge quizzes are so helpful. They cover a wide array of topics to find gaps in our knowledge base. There are quite a few more general knowledge tests in our arsenal, why don't you play a few more and see where your knowledge truly stands.
Great Job!
Your general knowledge is impressive, covering a wide array of sciences and disciplines. You also have a good memory for details to remember these facts. Your performance on this test was admirable, and even though you still had some mistakes, you showed you do have an above average knowledge base. Have a look at the answers to see what you did miss.
You ACED This Test!
Your knowledge base is impressive as heck! You are equipped with a variety of facts on any number of topics. You're probably a fascinating person to talk to , always ready to discuss a large number of subjects and provide actual information about them. You rarely run out of things to say, and you love learning more things every day. Keep it up, because knowledge is power.
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