Do You Recognize These Medical Terms?

 Doctors are forever saying things we don't completely understand. Can they fool you or do you know your medical jargon? This quiz is going to check it out!
What is osteoporosis?
It is the most common reason for seniors breaking their bones when falling, especially the hip, forearm and back.
A disease that causes bone loss
A condition that causes loss of hearing
A condition that makes you blind
A condition that makes your skin break out in a rash
What is the medical term for a headache?
While a migraine is a type of headache, cephalgia means the pain is somewhere in the head or neck.
What is a contusion?
It is basically a hematoma in the tissues after trauma. Small blood vessels rupture and blood escapes into the surrounding area.
A term for a bruise
A type of head injury
Contraction of the muscles
A broken tendon
What medical term would a doctor use to describe an "accumulation of blood in a joint"?
What medical term might a doctor use to describe a "protrusion of the eyeballs"?
It is the bulging of the eye out of its orbit, basically.
What medical term means there is blood in the urine sample?
Hematuria could indicate a benign tumor, a kidney stone or a few other things. If you see blood in your urine, go get tested immediately.
An agent that causes disease might also be called...
A pathogen
A toxic agent
A protein
A prophylaxis
The term "emesis" means...
Stomach ache
What is the medical name of a red blood cell?
When someone aspitrates it means they are...
Inhaling objects into the lungs
Having chest pain
My child is fully ambulatory, which means he can...
Walk on his own
Talk without lisping
Understand what is said to him
Eat without assistance
What medical term describes the problem that occurs when the bronchi in our lungs are widened abnormally?
Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of your bronchial tubes, while Bronchiectasis is our culprit here.
What does it mean when doctors talk about sepsis?
Sepsis happens when the immune system reacts to a bacterial, viral or fungal infection in our blood.
That the patient has a tumor
That the patient is a female with no brothers
That the patient has an infection in the blood
That the patient was exposed to poison
What does arrhythmia mean?
To have an irregular heartbeat
To have no heartbeat
To have a heartbeat that is too slow
A patient requiring a heart transplant
What does "edema" mean?
Edema is a swelling under the skin caused by fluid accumulation, causing much damage and severe pain.
An ulcer
A skin rash
Fluid accumulation
Applying For Medical School
Unfortunately, you didn't do so well. Nobody said you were a doctor, and there's no real reason for you to know the exact medical terms. However, when at the hospital or when talking about injuries and diseases, it helps to know the different terms, or you may not understand what is being discussed! Have a look at the answers to see where you went wrong and learn some additional facts about these medical terms.
A Med Student
You know quite a bit! That's more than most people do, as we are used to talking in layman's terms and not the exact medical terms. However, knowing these things does a lot to help you understand medical advice, help and instruction. Good for you for knowing so much. Have a look at our answers to see where you did go wrong.
A Full Fledged Medical Doctor
Wow, you really know your stuff! You have a great knowledge of medical terminology. We hope that doesn't mean you've spent a lot of time in hospitals! We hope, alternatively, that you have a great intellectual curiosity towards medicine or have worked in a related field. You did amazing, congratulations!
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