Can We Test Your Basic Computer Knowledge??

 In the last 20 years, it seems that computers have taken over. They're in our homes, they're in our hands... darn it, they're soon going to be in our heads, for sure! But for now, many of us, even though we use them daily, have no idea how they work, what their history is, or what is that weird browser no one told me about! So, to see where you are on this spectrum of computer know-how, we challenge you to our computer quiz!
How much is a Gigabyte?
1024 megabytes
1000 megabytes
100 megabytes
8 megabytes
The chips used in computers are made of what?
Silver and trace amounts of gold
What was the first search engine on the internet?
Ask James
What Happens When You Press Alt+f4?
You close the active window
You restart the computer
You restart windows
You force a shutdown of the computer
What is LAN?
Local Area network
Loss of Artificial Network
Low Active Network
Low Active Latency
The smallest unit of data in a computer is...
A Byte
A Bit
A Megabyte
A Clinchkin
When using a computer, we tend to blink....
On average we blink about 20 times a minute. When using a computer, however, we tend to blink only 7 times a minute.
Up to 3 Times More
Up to 3 Times Less
. Who is called the Father of Computers?
Babbage originated the concept of a digital programmable computer.
Charles Babbage
Alan Turing
Sergey Brin
Larry Page
Which of These is NOT a web browser?
Which of these is NOT a search engine?
The first computer mouse was invented in 1964 and was made of...
4. Doug Engelbart invented the first computer mouse in 1964, which was made of wood.
Cheap Plastic
The password for the computer controls of the USA's nuclear tipped missiles was _______ for eight years.
Which of these big computer companies did NOT start in a home garage?
Apple, HP and Microsoft all started as tiny startups with no money to pay for an office, so they used a garage.
You're Definitely Not a Computer Wiz
So you're not the most useful person on a computer, that just means you probably don't get harassed for computer help by your family and friends! Maybe you just know how to do what you need from it and that's it, totally legitimate reason. However, computer knowledge is a great thing to have these days, so consider learning a bit more about it. You can start by checking your mistakes down below.
You Know Quite a Bit of Computers
You have more knowledge than the average person! That's great, and is really important these days, the days of the digital revolution, where everything seems to be happening online. Keep it up and have a look at the few mistakes you did have to learn from them.
You Really Know Your Way Around Computers!
Well there's nothing we can teach YOU! You obviously have a love for computers and are miles ahead of the average computer user! You must get a lot of help requests from friends and family who know you're the closest thing they have to a computer expert. Hope you're helping them too!
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