This Color Test Knows Something About You

 We all have a collection of personality traits, as if we all won different lotteries. Almost every person I've ever met had at least a few enviable traits. No one has the complete set of enviable personality traits, and we're here to discover which one of yours is most enviable to people around you. So relax your mind, empty it, and try to answer from your gut feeling...
Which of these hues is the most beautiful in your eyes?
Which colored ball do you find most dazzling?
Which rainbow image is the nicest?
Which basic color do you find most pretty?
Which of these hues makes you feel comfortable?
Which woman has the nicest hair color?
Which shade of green reminds you most of nature?
Which color is most salient in this image?
Which color will we be hard pressed to find in your wardrobe?
What color of sky makes you happiest?
Which flame draws you in the most?
Roberto Pasini
Joie de vie!
According to these results, people are attracted to your 'joy of life' like magnets. Many of them envy you for the fact that they always find you with an easy smile on your face and hope for the best in your heart. The truth is, of course, that this isn't always the case, but you can definitely say that you have a more positive and happy personality than most people. It turns you into a ray of light that illuminates and warms the lives around you. Life wouldn't be much to enjoy with the people who give it joy. Without people like you, all goals would be hollow, because life just wouldn't be the same. Even when the situation is difficult, we hope that you hold on to this trait with all your might, because it provides you and your loved ones with a great deal of strength and motivation.
Daniel Naczk
According to your results, people are jealous that no matter what, you always seem to have two solid feet on the ground and enjoy your immediate environment. Thanks to this trait you have, it's clear to you that you can always learn something new from anyone and from any situation, and you have no need to brag about things or develop an unnecessary swollen head. Many great leaders and personalities who have done amazing things for this world have been known for their modesty - even if you have no ambition to lead anyone, thanks to this trait you have the ability to do so. The way you behave can often be inspiring, and people envy it quite a bit many find it difficult to maintain self-control and restraint like you do.
According to these results, you have the personality of a particularly loyal person, whose friends know they can be trusted with secrets. Someone they can always come to when trouble happens or assistance is needed. This trait is enviable because we are all constantly fighting different temptations, especially on the social level. You, however, have the strength to resist them and act in the right and worthy way. In other words, you have a strong subjective moral compass that you follow. When people qualify to enter into your 'inner circle', they are automatically awarded a great deal of loyalty and assistance, because they are now part of your moral compass. <br><br> You may have felt in the past that this trait actually made your life difficult instead of improving it, but it's important to remember that it will have positive effects that may sometimes take years or even decades to bear dividends. But, beyond the satisfaction of having followed your heart and morality, you will see that people will mostly pay you back when it's you who needs aid, and life is long enough that you probably will.
Pranjal kukreja
According to your results, you have enviable amounts of spontaneity. Not everyone is able to make quick decisions and quick commitments, change the design of the living room or schedule a spontaneous meeting with friends, but you certainly have the ability to do so. This is especially rare these days, with WhatsApp and phones always being with us, we tend to over-schedule, over-plan and discuss everything in advance. <br><br>However, your mind responds happily to any opportunity for a small or big adventure - not all of them you have the opportunity to take full advantage of, but you more open than most people. This trait may have led to some trouble in your life in the past, but it has undoubtedly led to many more special memories and moments that most don't get to enjoy. This arouses quite a bit of envy, especially among people who regret not living life like you.
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