What Sea Creature Would You Be?

 We all get inspired by the natural world. Its roots and the roots of the human race are closely intertwined. Spiritually and in fact, animals often represent us symbolically, which is why animal totems were used by Native Americans and many other people throughout history. This time we want to ask the question: Which sea animal is an echo of you?
The weekend is here! Where would we find you?
Relaxing at home with the family
Moving between family and friends
Going out and finding some fun
Reading, learning or working on a project
What is the first thing you do when a dangerous situation occurs?
Make sure my family is safe
Try to stay calm and keep my thinking clear
Immediately reassure everyone things will be ok
Tense up and get ready for desperate action
What do you love doing at the beach?
Physical stuff like running, playing, swimming
Lie on the beach and read a good book
Playing with the children or with friends
Lie down and get some shut-eye
Choose the word you think is closest to describing you.
Pick your preferred terrestrial animal.
Would you define yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?
Something in between
Choose your preferred color:
Some random person on the street start a fight with you. How do you react?
I will stand proudly and show them I am not afraid
I'll try to reach a peaceful solution, but I will defend myself
Get away from them and be on my way
Keep it verbal only and start thinking of elegant ways to get out of this
Where would you like to go right now for a vacation?
Classic Europe
East Asia
Choose your favorite dish:
חידון אישיות - איזה יצור ים אתה: עוגיות שוקולד צ'יפס
What qualities do you look for in people you befriend?
Humility and loyalty
Joy and generosity
Hard work and socially active
Intelligence and the ability to read situations
Just like the "infamous" sharks, with their physical strength, swimming ability and deadly abilities - it seems that you too are an uncompromisingly independent person and have learned to take care of and protect yourself at a young age. You do not feel threatened and scared in most situation, and others know that you are not to be messed with - because you know how to react when you need to and protect yourself in any situation. <br><br>You have "thick skin" and considerable strength, and you do not let anyone or anything stand in your way when you want something. That said, you also have softer and more pleasant sides, which are probably expressed in front of your loved one - your immediate family and many friends.
The seahorse is a unique creature. It is a small animal but durable and quite tough - and according to ancient mythologies (such as Greek) it is even endowed with mysterious mystical powers. Like the seahorse, which lives mainly in areas of marine vegetation, near beaches and coral reefs - you too are a person who loves his natural place and is not so fond of change.<br><br> You are a traditional type and also very loyal and connected to your family, friends and loved ones - and just as the seahorse wraps its tail around aquatic plants so as not to get swept away by the current, so too do you always stay close to your loved one to gain strength and stability in your life. As a seahorse, you can also be a symbol of patience and peace of mind, and among your lovers there are people who see you as a sign of good luck - just as sailors see seahorses.
Like the dolphin, which is known for its intellect and kind and loving temperament (for the most part) - you too are a happy and sociable type by nature, which brings with it a positive attitude to life and one that brings a lot of pleasure and fun to all around you. You are a social person, one who is rarely in a bad mood - and you are always ready to help, assist, or be a supportive shoulder and an attentive ear, just like the dolphin which is also characterized by empathic qualities. <br><br>You like to be around others and make new friends at every opportunity, and you rarely run out of the joy of life that erupts from you - but if you feel someone is threatening you or your loved ones, you definitely know how to protect yourself and them.
You may not have the many arms of the octopus, but from your answers, this is your spirit marine animal. like the octopus, which is extremely intelligent and highly independent - so are you an intelligent and independent person, who always works in the most logical way to get what they want. <br><br>You are very good at solving the problems you encounter, not unlike the octopus, which knows how to change color for camouflage purposes and even detach its arms from its body to distract possible attackers. You too are a resourceful and sophisticated type, one who knows how to extricate themselves from trouble and danger mainly due to their intelligence and patience in problem solving.
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