How Much Basic French Do You Know?

 French is known as one of the Romance languages, like Spanish or Italian. It is a language most of us love listening to, as it has a beautiful musical flow and French words sound ever so... sophisticated and artistic. We bet you know more French than you think, so let's test you out!
How do you say 'Thank You' in French?
What does the French word 'Bonsoir' mean?
Good morning
Good day
Good evening
Good night
How would you ask a Frenchman what time it is?
Quelle heure est-il?
Comment vous appelez-vous?
Pouvez-vous m’aider?
Combien ça coûte?
You knocked into someone on the streets of Paris. How would you apologize?
Je suis désolé
Je suis Jour
Je suis beaucoup
Je suis Monsieur
Pick the image that represents the French word 'Monde''.
'Monde' means world.
You need a seat. What are you looking for?
Une chaise
Un plafond
Une maison
Une casquette
Can you tell us what 'une journée' means?
A day
A journey
A journal
A place
What does 'Bonne Chance!' mean?
Good luck!
Have a good day!
Last chance!
Good effort!
You ask your French friend how they are, and they respond: 'Je vais bien.' What did they say?
"I'm fine"
"I'm not fine"
"I'm unwell"
"I'm sad"
What phrase did you use to ask your friend how they are?
"Comment allez-vous?"
"Quelle heure est-il?"
"Combien ça coûte?"
"Comment vous appelez-vous?"
What does 'Je t'aime' mean in English?
"I love you"
"I like you"
"I'm calm"
"I'm tired"
Your hungry friend says they want to go out for 'Souper'. Which meal do they want?
Réessayer? (Try Again?)
You don't seem to know much French, and if you ever want to visit France, it may come in real handy to know at least a tiny bit of basic words that will help you get along better. You can either try again or have a look at the answers and mistakes by clicking on 'Show Mistakes'.
Très bon!
You surely know some French! You've probably heard it around for years before starting to understand single words and phrases here and there. Continue your French journey, the reward is incredible and visiting France with a little bit of basic French is a very rewarding experience.
You aced this test and proven to us you know at least basic French and can probably take care of yourself if you ever visit France. Congratulations on having some knowledge in basic French, it's such a musical language, don't you find?
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