Are You a Forgiving Person?

We've all been in the situation where we need to forgive someone for something they said or did to us. Forgiveness can be a very tricky thing, and most of us walk that line gingerly. This personality test is here to check how much forgiveness you have room for. Let's check it out.
You made detailed plans with your best friend but they canceled at the last minute. How will you react?
I was planning to go out on the town anyway to buy some stuff
I hope they have a proper explanation
Some things you don't do to a friend
Next time I'll pay them back with the same coin
While walking down a street a stranger steps on your foot. What will you do?
I will smile and move away a little
If they apologize I'll smile a little
I'll have a comment ready for them
I'll step on their foot "by mistake"
How would you react if you found out your partner used to date your best friend?
We both had a life before our relationship
If it comes up in conversation, I'll ask about it
It will probably come up during our next fight
I'll meet with one of THEIR friends...
You live in a very crowded neighborhood, and when you returned from work you discovered that an unknown vehicle is parked in your regular parking spot. How will you react?
I won't waste my previous time, I'll just find another parking spot
Find another parking spot but keep my eyes peeled for the owner of the car
Leave an angry note on their car
Park so that I'm blocking them with my car
After a long quarrel with your significant other, what is the first thought that goes through your mind?
I hate fighting
In the end, we were both wrong
This fight has created distance between us
They won't dare do that ever again...
One of your best friends didn't wish you a "Happy Birthday," what will you do?
I'm blaming myself for that, maybe I didn't remind them
I'll contact them the next day to check that everything is fine, after all this is the first time they have missed my birthday
I will try to be among the last to wish good luck on their birthday
I will refrain from wishing them a happy birthday on their upcoming birthday
Choose your preferred color.
Which proverb makes you feel identification?
"To err is human; to forgive divine."
"No use crying over spilled milk."
"The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget."
"Revenge is a dish best served cold."
A classmate from the distant past contacted you and apologized for bullying you during junior high. How will you react?
It wasn't easy, but time heals all wounds
I'll thank them and ask why it took them so long
I'll feel just as hurt as back then
It left scars and this is a good opportunity to make them feel bad
While showing a presentation to your boss, your colleague and partner in an important project at work took the credit for an idea you came up with. How will you respond?
It doesn't matter, in the end it was a collaborative effort
I'll make a snarky comment
I will roll my eyes and pretend I am listening to the rest of their presentation
I will try to catch their eye and shoot them an enraged look
Choose an animal you like.
Look at this image and pick the thought closest to your own mindset
There is no sin that cannot be forgiven
We all have a reason to ask for forgiveness
Some sins are heavier than others
Not everyone should be forgiven
You Are Forgiveness Itself
You are a light-hearted type who knows how to restrain themselves and forgive anyone for most things. You see in human beings creatures who, by nature, have a good heart and pure intentions and this makes you forgive easily and get hurt a lot less. It is true, the world is full of many good people who do things inadvertently and in good faith they deserve forgiveness, but it is important to distinguish between such people and people who do acts maliciously. Don't go forgiving people who are just going to hurt you again. Forgive, but don't forget.
You Forgive (With Caveats)
You're the type of person who forgives people and tries to see the good in every person, but this will not be done without an examination of the person and the circumstances - you will not forgive a person who will not provide you with a proper explanation for their actions. If the person who hurt you managed to convince you that this was done unintentionally and inadvertently, then you will forgive them and open a new page quickly. But if not, you won't hesitate to demand an apology before you can be whole with the situation.
You Tend to Hold On
You are not one to easily forgive, not to mention forget. Every nasty word, every inconsiderate act and injury directed at you is engraved in your memory. You tend to be very suspicious of people who have hurt you and are mostly unable to forgive easily. However, you do not usually do not use it to take revenge on the other person, but simply tend to put some distance between you and such people. This may lead to trust issues concerning new people. Try to let new people into your life on a 'innocent until proven guilty' condition, and not the other way around.
You Hold a Grudge
Any and every person who has hurt you should know that they have no one to apologize to because for you they no longer exist - no matter how much they will beg you and beg you to forgive. It is important to know that sometimes a person should not be judged when they are angry and people tend to say things during such a mood that are inappropriate, but they are not always said with full intent. It's okay to be suspicious and choose your friends selectively but it is also important to know who the person standing in front of you is and whether he is good enough to accept your forgiveness. You may lose some great people if you don't have room for forgiveness in your heart.
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