Tigers Jokes

Q: What do tigers and computers have in common?
A: They both have mega bites.
Q: Why are tigers religious?
A: Because they prey frequently, and prey as a family!
Q: Which U.S. state do tigers like the most?
A: Maine.
Tigers are probably the most roarsome animal ever created!
Our kids tee ball team, the Tigers, won the championship. All the parents were very proud and put in for a little statuette of the front of a tiger to give them to celebrate. When it came in, for some reason it was the back half of a tiger.
Needless to say, it was a cat ass trophy.
Why do tigers always hunt and eat their prey raw?
Because they don’t know how to cook it.
How do tigers like their cheese?
Why don’t tigers like fast food?
Because they can’t catch it!
What do tigers sing at Christmas?
Jungle bells! Jungle bells!
Tigers are bad at basketball because they have only four feet.
Why are tigers striped? Because they never want to be spotted.
Why do tigers always hunt and eat their prey raw? Because they don't know how to cook it.
How did the tigers greet the other animals in the jungle? "Hey! Pleased to eat you."
Why are tigers said to be religious? Because they frequently prey with all their family members.
Why are Siberian tigers so happy at Christmas time? Because it is snowy, and they get to look like white tigers.
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