Spine Jokes

I think my back hurts. I'm okay though.
It's spine.
The head surgeon shouted at me for accidentally severing the patient's spine.
I think I struck a nerve.
I think I'm getting curvature of the spine...
I haven't seen a doctor yet, it's just a hunch.
I broke my spine in an accident last year. Had a life saving operation to fix my neck which permanently locked my head in place.
Since then I've never looked back.
What do you call an alligator showing off his spine flexibility on the internet?
E-Reptile Disc Function
What is it called when a tree has spine problems?
A man with spine cancer walks up to his friend
His friend notices that the man is holding his back while walking up to him
His friend asks "What's wrong?".
The man says "My back is killing me".
What human body part is long, hard, bendable, and contains the letters p,e,n,i,s?
Your spine.
What is a profession involving spine realignment in Egypt?
A Cairo-practor.
What do you call two spine bones that are friends?
My dad just told me something that sent a chill down my spine.
He said, “I’m turning off the heating.”
One day, I looked to my spine and said
Thanks for all the support! Thanks to you we've grown to new heights.
While browsing the bookshop, I stuck a sheet of A4 paper to my wife's spine.
She said she wanted a paperback for her birthday.
What’s it called your backpack messes up your spine?
Schooliosis !
Why do skeletons hate the cold?
It sends chills up their spine.
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