Panda Jokes

What’s black and white with red spots?
A panda with the measles.
What’s black and white, has eight wheels and travels very fast?
A panda on roller skates.
I asked a panda if he was my friend.
He said, “Just bearly”.
What’s black and white and bounces?
A rubber panda.
What’s black and white and yellow?
A cowardly panda.
What goes white black white black white black red?
A panda that falls from a cliff.
What did the panda say when he was forced out of his natural habitat?
This is un-bear-able.
How do you make a panda?
Punch a polar bear in the eyes.
What’s black and white and as hard as a rock?
A panda that’s fallen in cement.
What’s black and white and very noisy?
A panda with a set of drums.
What do you call a panda who’s lost his dinner?
What’s black and white and stands in the corner?
A naughty panda.
Did you hear about the panda that had a slight stutter?
Seems it’s a story that bears repeating.
What does a ghost panda eat?
What do you give a panda when it is sick?
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