Loaf Jokes

I loaf you.
You knead me in your loaf.
What did one bread lover say to the other?
Before I break down and rye, I want you to know that I loaf you.
What does a loaf of bread say when breaking up with his girlfriend?
You deserve butter.
Why was the baker in a serious panic? He thought that he was in a loaf or death situation.
The bag of flour was so confused.He thought that he saw his friend the loaf yeast-erday.
Everyone needs to eat bread because loaf is what makes the world go round. Loaf truly is.
That wide loaf has a decent bread-th. Nice.
A young slice of bread came up to his crush. He told her that he was really falling in loaf with her.
The mother helped her child bake bread because it was a labor of loaf. True enough.
The young loaf of bread ended up getting fired from his job because he kept loafing around. Poor guy.
Young Billy had to mail a loaf of bread at the toast office today.
You knead me in your loaf. This one kind of works, but loaf is just a little too different from life.
They fired the loaf of bread from her job. They say that she kept breaking down and would rye on the job.
I loaf you a lot.
Let’s go to bread.
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