Horn Jokes

There once was a man from Cape Horn,
who wished he never was born.
And he wouldn't have been
if his father had seen
that the top of the rubber was torn.
What has one horn and gives milk?
A milk truck.
What has one horn and gives milk? A milk truck.
I had to borrow my friend’s trumpet because I sounded too good on my own, and people would be jealous!
I didn’t want to toot my own horn.
There was an Old Man of Cape Horn,
Who wished he had never been born;
So he sat on a chair,
Till he died of despair,
That dolorous Man of Cape Horn.
Most unicorns start off as poor hunters until they can really horn their skills.
No one could tame the unicorn. He was horn to be wild.
What do you call the dandruff found on unicorn manes? Horn flakes.
Have you seen Jake’s new custom trumpet? Yeah, that’s quite a unique horn, I’d know it anywhere.
Why did the cow wear a bell around her neck?
Because her horn didn’t work.
What is the difference between a car and a bull?
A car only has one horn.
The reason the cow wore a bell around her neck was because her horn didn’t work anymore.
Did you know there is a new horse species with one eye and a horn?
It's called a unicornea.
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