Fruits Jokes

Q: Which basketball players eat fruits?
A: The ones who like to cherry pick.
Soft fruits make really supportive parents. Whenever their youngsters fail at something, they just smile and say “Have another bite at the cherry.”
Cherries are the worst soft fruits to watch scary movies with. They spend the whole time hiding behind a cushion as they are cherrified.
What do you call a cherry that is hard as nails? Tough as old fruits.
What do fruits do when they are avoiding a problem? They cherry their heads in the sand.
Berries are the most fashionista of the fruits, they can really cherry off the wildest outfits.
What do fruits do when they are really really afraid? They run away as fast as their legs can cherry them.
What do fruits look for at a talent show? A berry that can really cherry a tune.
Q: Why could the fruits not see anything?
A: It was peach black there.
Q: What anime series do fruits like to watch?
A: One peach.
Q: Where do fruits manufacture their money?
A: Peach Mint.
Q: Where do fruits like to go on vacations?
A: To the peach.
Q: What video games do fruits play?
A: Peach ball.
In North Korea, you can not throw fruits in the snow as they don't have the right to freeze peach
To which tier of fruits and vegetables do onions belong? They belong to the teary.
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