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These Cuddly Animals Are Sweeter Than Sugar!

What is your favorite animal? As for us, we like them all: pets, wildlife, and farm animals too. We just can't pick a favorite. There's just something so cute about their smiling little faces, button noses, cuddly soft fur, and cheeky shenanigans that makes us feel so warm and happy, even when it's gloomy and raining outside.
Enjoy this collection of 18 adorable animals and let them cure your autumn blues!

1. Two smiling quokkas are better than one!

cute animals Quokkas quokkas

2. This tiny fawn sleeping in a flowerbed looks like a scene from a fairytale

cute animals  fawn sleeping in a flowerbed

3. Imagine the face of the person who noticed this cute fox sleeping on their roof!

cute animals fox sleeping on roof

4. How is it even possible to be so tiny and so cute at the same time?!

cute animals lamb

5. A curious little fella...

cute animals baby cheetah

6. "Excuse me, sir, this seat is occupied!"

cute animals bird on chair

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7. Just look at that adorable smile, and the hedgehog plushie too!

cute animals hedgehog sleeping

8. A bowlful of baby beavers

cute animals bowlful of baby beavers

9. What kind of parrot is this little ball of sweetness, we wonder?

cute animals parrot

10. "Oh my, I just slipped and fell!"

cute animals cute hamsters

11. This spotted baby is a tiger quoll cub - a marsupial from Eastern Australia

cute animals  tiger quoll  cub

12. Cuddling up during sweater weather is the best, isn't it?

cute animals dog and rabbit

13. This guy spotted two baby weasels crossing the road together

cute animals baby weasels crossing the road

14. Baby pufferfish are surprisingly cuddlesome (and sadly also extremely poisonous)

cute animals Baby pufferfish

15. This fella is waiting for his daily treat!

cute animals squirrel

16. The name of this duckling formation is 'the flower'

cute animals duckling

17. Oh my! What a lovely little gentleman!

cute animals baby hippo

18. This bear family is simply paw-tastic!

cute animals bears
Source of all images: Bored Panda
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