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The Nikon S60: Detects up to 12 faces
Pantene: Hair fall control
Omax: Wide angle lenses
2100 Watt Vacuum Cleaner
Bad food, Bad dog
An intense awakening
Light off. Green on
Ortoimplant: All your teeth back just in 24 hours
ISCA: Beautiful taps
Even an old calendar becomes new again every 28 years
Pepsi: One very very very lonely calorie
When you decide to drink and drive
Want some?
Cigarettes smoke people
Mischief: It’s fun to be scissors
Realistic costumes
Don’t let them get comfortable
Three of a kind vs. Pair of kings
Pattex superglue: Instant hold
Stihl: Think bigger
There’s a much juicier chew
Koba: Long lasting batteries
She’s only with him for his bisquits
Bose: Acoustic noise cancelling headphones
The other side of America
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