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Ravishing Photography of Cosmic Skies by Daniel Greenwood

 Is this night or day? Is this earth or an enchanted fairyland? Take our hand and dive into the otherworldly kingdom in Daniel Greenwood's photographs with us. The pristine and enticing frames you see below are the result of his fascination with both outer space and the diversity of the natural world. 
Like an owl, Greenwood works diligently from dusk till dawn to illustrate the dreamy forces of the night sky over the earth. His profession of being a landscape photographer sends him to explore the unknown and it is genuinely dazzling.
On his latest project, Greenwood collaborates with other photographers to create the Luminary Light Collective. They explore the world together to bring us more of these wondrous shots. 
You can check the Collective's Instagram and Greenwood's Instagram for more photos. 
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