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Meet 14 of the Most Chillaxed Animals Ever

 Animals can teach us a lot about love, companionship, and loyalty. Sometimes, however, they can teach us something even more important – the art of finding inner peace. In these pictures, you will find cats, dogs, lizards, and even mice, who attained the ultimate level of relaxation. Seeing these cuties in an almost zen-like state, you will be left wondering what you need to be so chillaxed...

1. That's how you enjoy a quiet morning alone 

Chillaxed Animals, morning

2. When you get lost in the moment

Chillaxed Animals, dog

3. Quiet, please. Someone's taking a nap 

Chillaxed Animals, lizard nap

4. Puppies having a spa night

Chillaxed Animals, spa

5. BLISS!!!

Chillaxed Animals, MOUSE

6. This family loves taking long naps together

Chillaxed Animals, puppies

7. She turned this laptop into her personal hammock 

Chillaxed Animals, CAT

8. Taking in a bit of sunshine and fresh air

Chillaxed Animals, sunshine, , dog

9. A level of relaxation we should all aspire to achieve

Chillaxed Animals, relaxation

10. And that's how she found her inner happiness

Chillaxed Animals, dog, meal

11. Someone's discovered paradise, it seems

Chillaxed Animals,

12. Hi there!

Chillaxed Animals, quiet place

13. Getting ready for the morning yoga routine

Chillaxed Animals, yoga routine

14. No one dare disturb the Zen Master!

Chillaxed Animals, Zen Master
All images source: The Chive
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