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15 Animal Pictures So Strange, They Will Stop You in Your Tracks

 Animals, as it seems, obey a different set of rules than humans do. I believe it's called the laws of nature, and let me tell you, these are some wild rules they've got in the animal kingdom. If you own a pet you know that animals are free rangers of the earth, wandering around doing whatever they like, answering to nobody in particular but doing little to no harm. When their laws of nature and our human rules collide, the results can be peculiar and funny. These pictures demonstrate. 

The Intensity!

Getting Comfortable Are We?

This Must Have Been Shot in Florida

Sir, Are You Licensed to Operate That?

Pizza Surfin'

I Wonder How the Tail Lights Look

Why Don't You Ever Take ME Out On a Walk?

How Did I Get Here?

Ma'am, There's Something Wrong With Your Door. 

Just a Cat, Catting. 

Big Cats are Goofy Too

If it Fits I Sits, Chicken Edition

An Artist and His Masterpiece

Panoramic Done The Right Way 

Two Cats On a Hot Tin Roof

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