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The Loving Look of These Pets is Irresistible

 Are you ready for your daily dose of sunshine and positivity? What a silly question! Of course, you are! Today, we'd like to share with you 15 photos of smiling cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies gazing lovingly at their humans. The way these pets look at their humans is so pure and genuine that it's sure to melt everyone's hearts!

1. This is what pure love and admiration look like!

Cute Pets dachshund
Image Source: Twitter

2. This is how she looks at her owner after her evening treat...

Cute Pets tricolor cat
Image Source: Reddit

3. A picture worth a thousand words!

Cute Pets dog and woman hug
Image Source: Reddit

4. This puppy's loving gaze is precious!

Cute Pets puppy gaze
Image Source: Reddit

5. We all need more smiling kittens like this one in our lives

Cute Pets smiling kitten
Image Source: Imgur

6. "I will never let you go."

Cute Pets dog and man
Image Source: Reddit

7. Whoever said black cats were mean was wrong. Just look at this darling kitten!

Cute Pets black cat black cat
Image Source: Reddit

8. "His daughter taught him how to take selfies and this is what the result was."

Cute Pets dog and man selfies
Image Source: Reddit

9. How can one possibly ignore those charming eyes?

Cute Pets dog looking at man playing video games
Image Source: Reddit

10. With a sweet puppy like this, home is everywhere!

Cute Pets sweet puppy and woman outdoors
Image Source: Reddit

11. The beginning of a long and happy friendship starts like this.

Cute Pets puppy and boy
Image Source: Reddit

12. "The face she makes when my husband holds her..."

Cute Pets husband holds cat
Image Source: Reddit

13. "We brought Charlie home a month ago now and I can't get over that look of pure love in his eyes."

Cute Pets Charlie
Image Source: Reddit

14. This is the best prom photo ever!

Cute Pets prom photo
Image Source: Imgur

15. You can tell from this look alone that the bond between this doggie and his human is something special!

Cute Pets
Image Source: Reddit
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