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South Korea Is Such a Unique and Authentic Country!

 South Korea is a dream travel destination for millions of tourists, and it’s easy to see why. The country is full of authentic cultural and natural diversity, and both natural and urban sites the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. These 15 photos will give you a glimpse of this unique country, focusing on the little details which only those who travel to this country usually get to see.

1. How thoughtful! There is a stand with eyeglasses of different dioptric values for people with poor eyesight near this arrival card station

South Korea

2. This huge library in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has over 50,000 books!

South Korea library

3. The Guinsa Buddhist Temple is hidden in the snowy mountains of South Korea

South Korea Guinsa

4. This popular Korean snack is called "Ang butter", and it consists of bread stuffed with sweet red beans and thick slabs of butter

South Korea Ang butter

5. Green tents like this one are often located near crosswalks. They let pedestrians wait for the green light in the shade. How caring!

South Korea Green tent

6. In this cafe in Seoul, you can go and eat on your own

South Korea In this cafe in Seoul, you can go and eat on your own

7. Korean weddings are very short - they typically last for up to an hour

South Korea Korean wedding

8. Here's what a Korean school lunch looks like. It consists of sweet and spicy fried chicken, army base stew, and various side dishes like sweet potatoes, broccoli, and kimchi

South Korea Korean school lunch

9. You may have heard of cat cafes, but have you ever seen a sheep cafe? Of course, there's one in South Korea...

South Korea sheep cafe

10. “In Korea, it’s customary to introduce new family members to not only living relatives but also to ones that have already passed.”

South Korea cemetery

11. Blooming sakura, Korean-style

South Korea sakura

12. This is what a construction site in a small Korean town looks like: a wall is protecting the neighboring houses from dust and even the cars are covered with plastic film

South Korea construction site

13. This person ordered a pizza in South Korea and got an entire smoked chicken on the side for free

South Korea pizza and chicken

14. This is a Korean kindergarten for dogs. Just like a human kindergarten, these dog kindergartens have nap times, strolls, and a lot of toys

South Korea dog kindergarten

15. Let's end our trip at Incheon airport - a beautiful and modern airport that has both trees and robots

South Korea Incheon airport
Source of all images: izismile
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