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25 Perspective-Shifting Landscape and Animal Photos

 Perspective is everything in both photography and life. When compared to a massive mountain range or spectacular waterfall, a human looks like nothing but a tiny black speck on a lens. But if you choose to zoom in the camera lens, a tiny butterfly suddenly appears to grow to an enormous size, enough for you to admire the detailed pattern and full luster of its wings.
To celebrate the greatness of things big and small, the photo app Agora held a contest - #Small2020 - that is all about the art of perspective and scale. From over 14,000 images, the winning title was taken by Rafid Yasar from Bangladesh and his image of a black-naped monarch bird’s nest moments before destruction. View 25 of the best shots from this incredible contest below.

1. "We are small" by Filippo Bellisola

Location: Passo Falzarego, Provincia di Belluno, Italia
Agora Small 2020 "We are small" by Filippo Bellisola
Artist's comment: "We slept in a tent at a 2700 meters altitude and it was a little cold. Friends, sunset, outdoors cooking, sunrise... everything was perfect."

2. "Feeling small never felt so good" by Ester Turri

Location: Dolomiti Passo Rolle, Italy

Agora Small 2020 "Feeling small never felt so good" by Ester Turri
Image Source: Ester Turri /Agora

3. Winner - "First Light" by Rafid Yasar

Location: Bogura, Bangladesh

Agora Small 2020 "First Light" by Rafid Yasar
Image Source: Rafid Yasar /Agora
Artist's comment: "This picture hides a heartbreaking story: I was filming a short documentary about the Black Naped Monarch birds and I captured some shots of this nest. This the last time I saw this hatchling; one day later a storm came by and destroyed the nest. I believe this picture symbolizes some of its latest moments."

4. "Da Nang Perspectives" by Stephen Akpakwu

Location: The Golden Bridge near Da Nang, Vietnam

Agora Small 2020 "Da Nang Perspectives" by Stephen Akpakwu
Artist's comment: "I arrived early to capture a lone walker on the bridge. Within minutes of taking this photo, the bridge was full of tourists snapping away in awe! I was quite lucky to have this brief moment to myself (and the stranger!)"

5. "All Aboard" by Jonny Rogers

Location: Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland 

Agora Small 2020 "All Aboard" by Jonny Rogers
Image Source: Jonny Rogers /Agora
Artist's comment: "The train just adds a great sense of scale and a hit of different color among the sea of green."

6. "Belleza Natural" by Fito Tejada

Location: Guatemala

Agora Small 2020 "Belleza Natural" by Fito Tejada
Image Source: Fito Tejada /Agora

7. "Why do we feel so small?" by Luke Simpson

Location: Arches National Park, USA

Agora Small 2020 "Why do we feel so small?" by Luke Simpson
Image Source:  Luke Simpson /Agora
Artist's comment: "Why do we feel so small when we are in fact a part of something so incredibly large? Just as many cells make up a body, I believe we are all connected to a larger living being we call Planet Earth. Looking up at the night sky and Milky Way reminds me how awesome it is to be part of something so vast."

8. "From the top of the cliff" by Agnieszka Wieczorek

Location: Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Agora Small 2020 "From the top of the cliff" by Agnieszka Wieczorek
Artist's comment: "This is not a drone view: the photo was taken from the top of the cliff. I had to bend a little bit, but I saw this amazing composition and couldn't help myself."

9. "Herds of Yak" by Victor Ferreira

Location: Sarchu, the Himalayas, India

Agora Small 2020 "Herds of Yak" by Victor Ferreira
Artist's comment: "To me, these landscapes are absolutely stunning, even more, when you get to see Yaks grazing. I suffered from altitude sickness, which caused me headaches and shortness of breath. It was all worth it though."

10. "The baby going to the sea" by W. Rahardjo

Location: Pantai Samas, Indonesia

Agora Small 2020 "The baby going to the sea" by W. Rahardjo
Image Source: W. Rahardjo /Agora
Artist's comment: "This photo was taken during the release of young turtles at Samas Beach. I was impressed by their determination and their struggle to reach the water."

11. "Haystack ride" by Vitaly Tyuk

Location: Vladivostok, Russia

Agora Small 2020 "Haystack ride" by Vitaly Tyuk
Image Source: Vitaly Tyuk /Agora

12. "Walking in the crater" by Aurora Picas Casanovas

Location: Reunion Island, France

Agora Small 2020 "Walking in the crater" by Aurora Picas Casanovas
Artist's comment: "We were visiting a remote area on the island of Reunion in order to experience the sensation of the enormity of the zone full of volcanic craters."

13. "Little man on the ridge" by Paal Uglefisk Lund

Location: Norway

Agora Small 2020 Paal Uglefisk Lund
Artist's comment: "I wanted to show how small we are compared to the mountains. My plan was to get the wind blowing off the ridge, but a small man and the clouds reflecting orange light changed the story."

14. "Tide lagoon in Sumba" by Maky and Matt

Location: Sumba Island, Indonesia

Agora Small 2020 "Tide lagoon in Sumba" by Maky and Matt
Image Source: Maky and Matt /Agora
Artist's comment: "This place is absolutely magical, turquoise blue lagoon right next to the rough ocean!"

15. "Car in the pine forest" by Bastian AS

Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Agora Small 2020 Bastian AS
Image Source: Bastian AS /Agora
Artist's comment: "I was driving through this pine forest, and felt I had to stop my car to fly my drone and capture the composition from above."

16. "Point on the map" by Andrei Pugach

Location: Kalyazin, Russia

Agora Small 2020 "Point on the map" by Andrei Pugach
Image Source: Andrei Pugach /Agora
Artist's comment: "The bell tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral, standing in the middle of the Uglich reservoir. Monument of history and architecture. One of the symbols of the consequences of the construction of the reservoir cascade on the Volga River, which destroyed hundreds of villages, towns, and cities with ancient structures that existed there."

17. "Tam Tien fish market" by Hà Vũ Linh

Location: Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Agora Small 2020 "Tam Tien fish market" by Hà Vũ Linh
Image Source: Hà Vũ Linh /Agora
Artist's comment: "The Tam Tien Fish Market lies right on the beach. Although the spontaneous market is only open during the monsoon season between April and September, it is the province’s largest seafood wholesale market."

18. "It takes everything to stand alone" by Karen Heslinga

Location: Enkhuizen, the Netherlands

Agora Small 2020 Karen Heslinga
Image Source: Karen Heslinga /Agora
Artist's comment: "It takes nothing to join the crowd, but it takes everything to stand alone: this picture totally represents this quote! Swans usually go in pairs, but not in this case. It was just swimming alone, in combination with the environment, making this feeling of being alone was even more amplified. I've always been fascinated by swans who live here. They have something graceful and mysterious."

19. "Black and yellow seahorse" by Erwin Gucci

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Agora Small 2020 "Black and yellow seahorse" by Erwin Gucci
Image Source: Erwin Gucci /Agora
Artist's comment: "In recent years, the population of seahorses around the world has declined, with fourteen of its species listed as threatened."

20. "Golden River" by Anastasia Mazureva

Location: Moscow, Russia

Agora Small 2020 "Golden river" by Anastasia Mazureva
Artist's comment: "The photo was taken in the summer, from the observation deck of the Moscow City Business Center. On that day, the weather was quite cloudy and I had already lost faith in the sun. But no. The clouds parted slightly and colored the surrounding area with this warm, golden light."

21. "Close up of a Damselfly" by Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz

Location: Bilbao, Spain

Agora Small 2020 "Close up of a Damselfly" by Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz
Artist's comment: "Here's a portrait of a red Damselfly. I wanted to show the small details that are imperceptible to the human eye. You can see how the drops of water remain suspended in the face, transforming it completely."

22. "Drop with daisy. Gota con margarita" by Jafter

Location: Málaga, Spain

Agora Small 2020 "Drop with daisy. Gota con margarita" by Jafter
Image Source: Jafter /Agora

23. "Swiss waterfall" by Samuele Miccoli

Location: Switzerland

Agora Small 2020 "Swiss waterfall" by Samuele Miccoli
Artist's comment: "Humans are powerless in front of Nature."

24. "Cheetah looking for food" by Mohamed Tazi

Location: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Agora Small 2020 "Cheetah looking for food" by Mohamed Tazi
Image Source: Mohamed Tazi /Agora

25. "Be Epic" by Arthur Kanatov

Location: Mount Elbrus, Russia

Agora Small 2020 "Be Epic" by Arthur Kanatov
Image Source: Arthur Kanatov /Agora
Artist's comment: "I was standing on the edge of a cliff, illuminated by the sun, against the mountains' snow-white peaks. Nature is beautiful and we, as guests, are abusing it."
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