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12 Historical Building Restorations That Did More Harm Than Good

 One would expect that buildings of historical significance would be protected by law from being ruined or disastrously disfigured, but it turns out that the restoration project of some less significant historical buildings isn't receiving as much scrutiny as it should. The results? The beauty of historical architecture tarnished, transformed beyond belief, or worse - demolished and replaced by some shopping center.
Of course, we may be wrong, and some may actually like the new and improved versions of these 12 buildings more, but the history lovers we are, it's difficult to watch how the beauty of historical architecture is being transformed beyond belief. In any case, it's fascinating to watch how the cityscape transforms over the centuries, don't you think? Take a look yourself.

1. A very unfortunate restoration project somewhere in Russia

Bad Restorations Russia
Image Source: Szawel Sauliazauras

2. Via Laietana /Carrer Princesa, Jaume I square, Barcelona, Spain

Bad Restorations Via Laietana /Carrer Princesa, Jaume I square, Barcelona, Spain
Image source: jordi

3. Cultural Park Rentilly, Bussy-Saint-Martin, France

Bad Restorations Cultural Park Rentilly, Bussy-Saint-Martin, France
Image Source: Fred Romero

4. Postal Office in Belgrade, Serbia

Bad Restorations Postal Office in Belgrade, Serbia
Image Source: Branko Milošević

5. Helsingborg, Sweden

Bad Restorations Helsingborg, Sweden
Image Source: skyscraper city

6. Oslo, Norway

Bad Restorations Oslo, Norway
Image Source: architectural revival

7. Tamworth, the UK

Bad Restorations Tamworth, the UK
Image Source: tom holland

8. Rosenska Huset, Stockholm, Sweden

Bad Restorations Rosenska Huset, Stockholm, Sweden
Image Source: skyscraper city

9. 100-104 Princes Street, Edinburgh, the UK

Bad Restorations 100-104 Princes Street, Edinburgh
Image Source: Picture this Scotland (top) reddit (bottom)

10. Friendly Society House, Gothenburg, Sweden

Bad Restorations Friendly Society House, Gothenburg, Sweden
Image Source: skyscraper city

11. Birmingham Central Library, Birmingham, the UK

Bad Restorations Birmingham Central Library, Birmingham, England

12. Mappin & Webb Building, London, the UK

Bad Restorations Mappin & Webb Building, London, the UK
Image Source: fridericvs (left)/ Fred Romero (right)
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