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There Is an Incredible Story Behind These Wildlife Photos

  Helle Løvevild Golman and Uri Løvevild Golman are both National Geographic photographers and explorers. The husband and wife team have traveled around the globe, from the Arctic to Africa, in order to capture positive images of endangered animals. Both Helle and Uri recall being fascinated by nature and its beauty form a young age.

As a child, Uri admired David Attenborough and Jacques Cousteau, and Helle spent a big part of her childhood sailing, which sparked her love of the outdoors. Naturally, the two met on an expedition. They fell in love and decided to join forces professionally. 

Wildlife Photography with an Inspiring Backstory, penguins
Wildlife Photography with an Inspiring Backstory, cheetah
In 2017, while the duo was in Gabon to shoot for a documentary, an extremist attacked Uri at a local market. After hitting Uri's heart, liver, and severing the main artery, Uri fought off the attacker. He was immediately transferred to the hospital. The recovery process was long. When Uri first woke he was unable to speak or walk, and doctors didn’t give a good prognosis. However, after 2.5 years things are finally looking up. Uri regained his speech and movement in his arms. He is even slowly learning to walk again.
Wildlife Photography with an Inspiring Backstory, wild cat

Incredibly, throughout the rehabilitation process, the couple never lost sight of their passion to help wildlife. They have published a book called ‘Wild,’ which is a collection of the most breathtaking shots from their 25 expeditions across seven continents. Not only that, but Uri and Helle also started their own wildlife foundation - the Wild Nature Foundation. They hope to create and support existing conservation, nature restoration, and policymaking projects.

Now that they are no longer in the field of wildlife photography, this determined couple still dedicates their life to celebrate nature and make a difference. To see more of their work, visit Helle and Uri's website or Instagram page.

Wildlife Photography with an Inspiring Backstory, elephant
Wildlife Photography with an Inspiring Backstory, crocodile
Wildlife Photography with an Inspiring Backstory, birds
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