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These DIY Bathroom Tips & Tricks Will Be Quite Useful

Even though we spend so much time in our bathrooms every single day, it isn’t always easy to keep it tidy and well-organized. Cleaning and maintaining a bathroom is so time-consuming and when we have to spend so much time organizing other parts of our home, who has the energy left for anything else? Well, you can make your bathroom a comfortable place by following some useful and simple tips and tricks.
Here, we have presented some handy bathroom life hacks that will help you clean and organize your bathroom space conveniently. Take a look.

1. Place a heavy item in the toilet tank to save water

Bathroom Hacks, toilet tank
Are you constantly receiving ridiculously high water bills? Your toilet tank could be a part of the problem. Often, without realizing, we end up flushing a little too much. Try putting a heavy item inside the tank, like a brick. The concept is simple – the brick would displace water and thus less water would be used when the toilet is flushed. If using a brick seems a little too messy, you can try a Ziplock bag full of pebbles or a water bottle filled with sand instead - they will do the same job.

2. Clean your toilet bowl with mouthwash

Bathroom Hacks, toilet bowl

Your toilet bowl is in desperate need of a good scrubbing and guests are coming over in the evening? There’s no time to rush to the store to pick up an expensive cleaning product. What do you do? Well, you’d be surprised to know that the mouthwash in the bathroom can be a really good alternative to clean the toilet bowl.

Sounds surprising, right? But many experts recommend this. Just pour a quarter cup of mouthwash into your toilet and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. After that, you can simply swish and scrub for a little while and your toilet bowl will be shiny as new.

3. Use a clothespin to keep your toothbrush off the dirty countertop

Bathroom Hacks, toothbrush
Your toothbrush should always be clean since you use it every day inside your mouth. However, most of us keep our toothbrush on the bathroom counter which is teeming with germs. In case you don’t want to spend money on a toothbrush case, then you can simply use a clothespin to keep your toothbrush off the dirty countertop. It’s a simple, cheap, and effective trick that will hold up your toothbrush and keep it away from harmful bacteria and germs.

4. A second shower rod can be used to hang extra toiletries

Bathroom Hacks, shower rod
How many of you hang your sponges, loofahs, and smaller toiletries in your damp shower? It is so convenient, after all. However, that gives your bathroom a cluttered and messy look. A second shower curtain rod can make all the difference.
Add a shower curtain rod inside the bathroom and then hang cheap plastic baskets on them from shower curtain rings. You can then add your loofahs, sponges, and other small toiletries in those baskets. This will certainly help give your bathroom a clutter-free look and also give you extra space to store items. To keep those shower supplies from getting waterlogged, you can even attach some mesh bags on S-hooks. In the long run, the added shower curtain rod will save you time and money. 

5. To avoid overuse of the liquid soap dispenser, wrap a rubber band around its neck

Bathroom Hacks, soap dispenser
We are living in a time where using hand soap several times a day has become one of the most important activities (owing to the coronavirus pandemic). Now that the virus is here to stay, we will be using the soap dispenser in the bathroom more regularly than ever. To ensure that the liquid soap is not wasted by the kids in the house, all you need to do is wrap a rubber band around the neck of the dispenser until it’s tight enough to slow down the flow of the pump a little.
The idea is simple – the rubber band will limit the soap output as it keeps the pump from pressing all the way down. It will allow for minimal depression and squirt out only an appropriate amount of soap with every pump. With this trick, you will certainly not run through an entire bottle of soap dispenser each week.

6. Hang bottles and tubes to take up less space in your bathroom

Bathroom Hacks, cosmetic tubes
Image Credit: YouTube
Let’s face it: bottles and tubes take up significant space in our bathrooms these days. From face washes and hair gels to tubes of toothpaste and body gels, these are almost unavoidable today in any bathroom. However, if you want to make more space for them you can simply use a shower curtain rod and pegs to hang all of your self-care items. It will be easy and convenient to use and will ensure that your self-care items are organized without cluttering your bathroom shelf.

7. Organize your bathroom essentials with a plastic cutlery tray

Bathroom Hacks, plastic cutlery tray
Image Credit: YouTube
A plastic cutlery tray isn’t just useful for keeping forks, spoons, and knives. You can even use it to store several little bathroom essentials. From toothbrushes and toothpaste to makeup brushes and tubes, these handy plastic cutlery trays can store plenty of your bathroom accessories neatly in one place. Moreover, they can be easily cleaned or replaced, too. 
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