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30 Habits That Are Annoying Your Partner

If you speak to anyone who has stayed in a happily committed relationship they will likely tell you that even the most seemingly-perfect marriage takes significant work to maintain. While sad to hear, according to a study published by the National Opinion Research Center in 2015, just 60% of married individuals claimed to be happy within their marriage. So, before you capsize an otherwise happy relationship, make sure you address these 30 annoying issues that may be irritating your husband or your wife. 

15 Things That Are Annoying Your Husband

things that annoy your partner

1. Taking a long time to get ready

Some people take quite a while to get ready and leave the house. And while it may not be a big deal when you are heading out on your own, it may be quite an annoyance for your husband, especially if he sees you shaving or trying to perfect your make up when you have dinner reservations in 10 minutes. If this is the case, don't be surprised that he is less than pleased. 

2. Keeping the house at an unbearable temperature

According to researchers in the Netherlands, women are typically more comfortable at temperatures a few degrees warmer than their male counterparts. To avoid any conflict in this scenario, rather than dialing up the thermostat a few degrees anytime you get the chance, reach a compromise, or put on a sweater if you are indeed feeling that cold. 

3. Dissing your body

It may be normal for couples to talk to one another about their diet and exercise habits. But if you lack confidence and are constantly criticizing your body don't be surprised if your husband gets a little annoyed. After all, this person knew and loved the way you looked long before you tied the knot.

4. Getting jealous over platonic relationships

While it may be natural to feel an occasional tinge of jealousy when you hear your significant other extolling the virtues of a new friend or co-worker, if you constantly nag your husband for details about the relationship, or act like him spending time alone or with another person is akin to cheating, this will likely start to frustrate him. There should be no reason why either of you cannot have platonic friendships. 

5. Eating off his plate

Women, in particular, feel uncomfortable in ordering what they actually want and can opt for lower-calorie alternatives instead. This doesn't automatically make your husband's plate a backup for the side salad you ordered which fails to fill you up. 

things that annoy your partner

6. Acting like he doesn’t have feelings, too

Men feel the pressure to seem tough and strong - especially if this is reinforced by their partner. Consequently, this can be a serious burden. Generally speaking, men and women aren't actually dissimilar emotionally. Keep this in mind when having heart to heart conversations with your partner. 

7. Saying things are okay when they’re clearly not

While it can be difficult for anyone to have a frank conversation about their emotions when they are feeling upset, refusing to do so could be putting your marriage in jeopardy. If you are feeling frustrated, speak up as opposed to saying you are fine. 

8. Assuming he’s paying

If you split the mortgage costs, childcare responsibilities and you're not in the habit of asking him for grocery money, why do you assume that he is paying on every date. Start going Dutch, or take him out from time to time. Assume that if you like being treated to dinner and a movie, it stands to reason that he might too. 

9. Organizing to the point where nothing can be found

While your organizing habits may be well intended, if you're cleaning the house and making it impossible to find everything in the process, it's going to get pretty annoying to the person who is not aware of your system. 

10. Refusing to compromise

More than communication or chemistry, compromise is what keeps a marriage together. So if you won't agree to watch a single Monday Night Football game with him after he has binged seven seasons of the Great British Bake Off with you, you are going to be on his list of annoyances before you know it. 

things that annoy your partner

11. Correcting his driving

Nobody likes a backseat driver. Just because he doesn't drive the way you want him to it doesn't mean that he is putting you at risk, although the constant distraction you are causing by biting your fingernails and yelling 'watch out' whenever he changes lanes, might.

12. Using a million pillows in bed

While throw pillows and bolsters may look like an attractive detail to you, they tend to be an annoyance for your husband. When there is more space for pillows on the bed than there is for people, you know you have a problem. 

13. Acting like he doesn’t know how to do basic chores

While you may take the lead when it comes to cleaning, it doesn't mean that your husband is incapable of doing it. His version of cleaning may not be as meticulous as you would like it to be, claiming he doesn't know how to do the work because his idea of cleanliness doesn't match up to yours can become a source of annoyance. 

14. Getting upset when texts aren’t immediately returned

Not everyone keeps their phone out all day long. When he checks his phone only to see that you have sent 100 additional messages after not hearing back about the initial one will likely cause him to feel irritated. 

15. Asking about his whereabouts 24/7

If your husband has given you no reason to suspect he is not where he says he is, you are probably annoying him when you repeatedly ask where he's been. Of course, it would be a little strange if he is not forthcoming about his whereabouts. Likewise, it is understandably irritating if he feels like he has to account for every second he spends away from you.

15 Things That are Annoying Your Wife

things that annoy your partner

1. Only pretending to listen

You are not fooling anyone when you nod your head to what she has just said. When you tune her out it sends the message that 'you don't matter'. From all the mistakes husbands make this is the most incontestable. While she is talking either be honest and admit that you are not interested in the topic or take a deep breath and try to pay attention. 

2. Leaving your wet towel and dirty clothes scattered everywhere

Unless you live in a hotel or have a daily maid service to pick up after you, do get acquainted with things like the bathroom towel rack and the hamper. No matter how preoccupied you are, you do not need to leave a trail of laundry devastation in your path. 

3. Not wiping out the sink after you shave

No wife will be delighted when she's brushing her teeth and looks down at the sink to see the remnants of your recent shaving session. Be sure to grab a tissue and wipe down the mess you left behind. 

4. Snoring

Snoring can be rather problematic for a married couple. But, she's not just nagging when she complains about your snoring habits, it's possible that you could be a symptom of something more serious like sleep apnea.

5. Acting like a complete baby when you have even a slight sniffle

When your wife gets sick, she doesn't expect the world to stop until it gets better. But when a husband catches a cold, no matter how whiny, he just moans and becomes incapacitated. If both get sick simultaneously, guess who's heading out to get the OJ and the chicken soup. 

things that annoy your partner

6. Forgetting your anniversary, or her birthday, or…

In most circumstances, a husband's brain has the capacity to hold an array of minutiae - just look at how knowledgeable they can be about baseball stats. But when it comes to what should be the most important dates in his calendar, he somehow forgets when he got married, or forgets the birthday of the woman he loves. These things should be at the top of his priority list. 

7. Showing more affection to your kids than to her

While it is definitely okay to love your children, and hug and kiss them to show how much they are adored, if you do all that and can't be bothered to give your wife a peck on the cheek, you have to know that this isn't going unnoticed by her. 

8. Inviting a pet to sleep in the bed

While it is great that you love your dog when it comes to who you should be spooning at night opt for the one who doesn't shed and has opposable thumbs. 

9. Making other plans for Date Night

Date night shouldn't be a vague arrangement. Bear in mind that it is written in stone. So if you make other plans, expect to be crucified for it. 

10. Responding to “Do I look fat in this?” with anything but “You look beautiful!”

This is something all married men should know. We doubt that you'd be married if you didn't.

things that annoy your partner

11. Leaving the toilet seat up

This is a gender battle that the husband will always lose. There should be no good reason for not being considerate enough to return the toilet seat to its original position. You are adding two seconds of effort to your day and it goes a long way towards showing her that you don't have the bathroom etiquette of a teenage boy. 

12. No longer thinking it’s necessary to seduce her

Sex shouldn't feel like a foot race where the first person to cross the finish line wins. Even if you've both slept in the same bed for decades, the moment you start to take her for granted - such as thinking that you can skip foreplay - know that you will justifiably have one unhappy wife on your hands. 

13. Being a bit too attached to mom

If you feel the need to call your mother more than three times a day and consult her on every major or minor life decision, often before, or instead of discussing it with your wife, don't be surprised if the woman you married thinks you might have some 'mommy issues' that need resolving. 

14. Not caring about your appearance

Just because you're married it doesn't mean that all bets are off. Your wife still needs to wake up every morning, look over at you and think, that's the guy I married. 

15. Still being on the phone when you’re both in bed

According to recent studies, checking your phone at night is not just bad for your brain, it can seriously mess up with your sleep cycles, which may be hurting your relationship. Think about it, is whatever's happening on Facebook more important than having an end-of-the-day snuggle with the woman you love? 

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