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These Hyper-Realistic Wildlife Paintings Are Extraordinary

 Hyper-realistic art is an extremely difficult skill to perfect. And hence, whenever we come across some insanely good hyper-realistic paintings, we can’t help but be amazed. Those artists must be ridiculously talented and deserve all the recognition and praise. Today, we will present to you the works of one such remarkably talented artist.
Carla Grace is a self-taught artist with a special love for wild animals. Born in South Africa and now based in Australia, Carla has grown up marveling at wildlife and went on to depict them in her hyper-realistic paintings as an adult. Tigers, lions, wolves, giraffes, chimps, leopards, and much more, feature heavily in her marvelous oil paintings and she is determined to continue depicting the beauty of the animal kingdom through her artworks.
Now, let’s take a look at some of the best and most extraordinary hyper-realistic portraits of Carla Grace. We guarantee these will take your breath away.

1. Artist Carla Grace with her portrait of a tiger

Wildlife Paintings, a tiger

2. That's one majestic-looking horse

Wildlife Paintings, horse

3. A polar bear. Look at the detailing of its fur! 

Wildlife Paintings, polar bear

4. Eye of the tiger!

Wildlife Paintings, tiger

5. The artist with her stunningly real painting of a black cockatoo

Wildlife Paintings,Black Cockatoo

6. Here's a close-up of the black cockatoo portrait

Wildlife Paintings,

7. Giraffes are known to be Africa's gentle giants. This painting brings out the softness of these animals so well.

Wildlife Paintings, Giraffes

8. Doesn't it feel like the wolf is staring right into your eyes?!

Wildlife Paintings, wolf

9. To truly appreciate the work of the artist, you need to simply look at the mane of this lion. WOW! 

Wildlife Paintings, ion

10. One could just fall in love with this chimp! 

Wildlife Paintings, chimp

11. Snow leopards are elusive creatures and are extremely tough to sight. But Carla Grace has ensured you can view them in their full glory anytime...

Wildlife Paintings,Snow leopards

12. Here is the artist dedicatedly working on another snow leopard painting

Wildlife Paintings, snow leopard

13. So that's how those incredibly realistic whiskers are made. Amazing! 

Wildlife Paintings tiger

14. You can even see the breaths being exhaled by this black rhinoceros! 

Wildlife Paintings,black rhinoceros

15. This magnificent painting of a growling tiger is the apt way to sign off on this amazing collection...

Wildlife Paintings,growling tiger
Images credit: Carla Grace
If you wish to look at more works of the artist, check out her Instagram and Facebook pages.
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