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These 18 Wholesome Pics Will Surely Raise Your Spirits!

 For most of us out there, 2020 has been a rough year so far. Needless to say, the abundance of political and social turmoil on a global scale may sadden you and fill you with hopelessness and pain, but in times like these, we all have to remind ourselves that life is always both good and bad, and even this year, like every year, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the dark tunnel. Let's notice, appreciate, and take inspiration from these 18 beautiful stories and heartwarming pictures that prove Earth isn't such a glum and depressing place, after all. All we need is a bit of attention to notice the kindness and beauty in life!

1. What a heartwarming story!

Wholesome Pics Buddy

2. It's never too late to learn

Wholesome Pics reading

3. Amazing to finally see more diversity in fashion

Wholesome Pics diversity in fashion Ellie Goldstein

4. Baby boom!

Wholesome Pics Baby boom!

5. So kind and thoughtful

Wholesome Pics deer

6. This good boy loves everything he sees!

Wholesome Pics dog with heart spots around eyes

7. Kindness in the midst of war

Wholesome Pics

8. Proof that mothers will do anything to make their children smile

Wholesome Pics donuts with dads

9. What could possibly be cuter than this?!

Wholesome Pics cats superhero

10. Even the smallest good deeds are meaningful

Wholesome Pics cat sticker

11. Now Tombili will forever be a part of the city

Wholesome Pics Tombili statue

12. Staying positive amid 2020

Wholesome Pics business sign do not enter

13. What could be more rewarding than seeing the person you saved become successful and happy?!

Wholesome Pics police officer and girl saved from fire

14. Knowledge is power

Wholesome Pics Harvard

15. This little buddy wants to give you a big hug

Wholesome Pics dog hug

16. Everyone deserves a chance

Wholesome Pics

17. Professor Cat delivering his first public lecture

Wholesome Pics Professor Cat

18. On a bad day, just look at this picture and a smile will instantly appear on your face

Wholesome Pics corgi
Images Source: thechive
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