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15 Clever and Beautiful Riddles To Let You Dive Into Nature

 Riddles are a fast and fun way to broaden your mind and keep your brain active. Fun anecdotes, short stories, and rhyming words are just a few of the elements in a great puzzle. We’ve gathered a collection of carefully constructed conundrums that are designed to get your intellectual engines revving. And if you want to find the source for the answers, you need to look no further than outside your windows. These brain teasers are inspired by Mother Nature and all of her wondrous gifts to our universe. After all, what is more enigmatic than nature? You’ll find the answers to these riddles up in the skies or buried deep in the jungles. So prepare to flex your mental muscles with these 15 riddles! When you're ready with your answer, you can reveal the answer to each riddle by simply clicking on each image.

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