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Novel Indoor Garden Lets You Grow Plants in the Kitchen

 When one looks at devices like the one we’re about to showcase, one cannot help but suddenly realize that the future is here, now. Ordinarily, a sustainable and convenient indoor garden is quite difficult if not impossible to maintain, especially if you live in an apartment. The perfect lighting and water drainage conditions can be quite difficult to keep up for different plants, and the pots and artificial lights can be quite cumbersome.
This is where futuristic and beautiful devices like the new Rotofarm by Bace come in, allowing you to save on space, water, and energy while simultaneously letting you grow different kinds of vegetables, herbs and greens all at the same time.
Rotofarm Indoor Garden

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How Does the Device Work?

This indoor gardening novelty contains 5 feet (1.5 meters) of planting area, and it neatly fits on any countertop. Like any hydroponic system, the device doesn't need any soil, and all the nutrients are dissolved in water reservoirs situated on the periphery of the device, which means no mess and faster-growing plants.Rotofarm Indoor Garden description
Rotofarm Indoor Garden plants you can grow
The unique, NASA-inspired design of the garden rotates around its center, an adjustable LED light, completing a full circle every hour. The creators of the indoor garden claim the rotating feature doesn't just make the device look more aesthetically pleasing, the negative gravity is also said to cut down growing times by half.

Maintenance and Growing Plants

Rotofarm Indoor Garden trimming
The company will offer a wide range of seed pods, which should be easy to plant, as the device contains several fitted slots for these pods. Watering and adding fertilizer is only necessary once a week, according to the creators, and you can adjust and track the growth of the plants with the help of an app that comes with the device.
Truly a garden of the future, we can certainly imagine this device being a good source of fresh, sustainably grown vegetables and herbs for urban dwellers in the nearest future. 
Rotofarm Indoor Garden watering
Rotofarm Indoor Garden
Rotofarm isn't available in stores or online just yet, as the company is still crowd-funding for the production of this indoor garden, but we will hopefully see it become more widely accessible in the nearest future. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the device by viewing the video below and visiting Robofarm's website.
Images Source: Rotofarm

Video: The Creator's Description of the Indoor Garden

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