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15 Brilliant Photos of the First Bloom of Spring

 Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.”
- Lewis Grizzard
Early spring is a wonderful time of the year, the time when nature is reborn, awakening from its long winter slumber. As we walk through the streets, we can already notice how the first blades of grass start cutting through the patches of snow on the lawn, how trees start budding, and early flowers appear in gardens here and there. We don't know about you, but witnessing nature's rebirth makes us hopeful about the future, and we'd like to share that spirit and the delicate beauty of early spring with you in these 15 beautiful photos taken in different corners of our planet.  

1. Blooming lupine flowers near the Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland

spring photos iceland

2. Beautiful Spring Weather in Maryland

spring photos bird on a branch

3. Sakura blooming in Osaka, Japan

spring photos osaka

4. A Happy Busy Bee Gets to Work

spring photos bee

5. A beautiful early spring morning at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC

spring photos Washington, D.C. jefferson memorial

6. Time to Lift a Flowery Head to the Light

spring photos flowers

7. Crocus flowers blooming in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

spring photos ukraine

8. A Macro Shot of a Willow Coming to Life

spring photos branches
9. The Louvre Museum in Paris in early spring
spring photos louvre

10. Spring Comes to Japan

spring photos cherry blossom

11. Morning Arrives at Hallerbos Forest, carpeted with Bluebell Flowers

spring photos forest

12. Deer grazing in a sakura forest in Miyajima, Japan

spring photos

13. Adding the First Touches of Color to the Landscape

spring photos Crocuses

14. The Most Beautiful Train Tracks Erupt in Greens and Reds

spring photos tulips

15. Windmills at the tulip fields in Holland

spring photos holland
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