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These Pictures Beautifully Capture The Passage of Time

 It is not just people who grow old, even things do. When we use certain objects regularly for a long period of time, they are bound to suffer wear and tear. These might be the simplest of everyday things – that coffee mug in your kitchen, the mousepad in your office, or the doorbell of your house. If you have been using them for an extended period of time and haven’t really observed them closely in a while, then try and do so now. You will certainly notice obvious signs of them being worn out.
There are innumerable items around us that bear the signs of having weathered the storm of age. Even supposedly indestructible things do at times get worn down. Here is a collection of some truly fascinating and profound pictures of things that show how time affects every single thing in the world.

1. A chain that has become so old it almost looks like wood.Things Getting Old chain

Image source: Prostoilogin / Pikabu

2. A ping pong table that hasn't been changed in over 20 years.

Things Getting Old pingpong
Image source: Dardan311 / Reddit  

3. Water has worn away the top layer of cement on this road.

Things Getting Old water

4. A wire that has been entrenched into this rock after years of being walked over on.

Things Getting Old rock

5. An old Elmo toy found discarded in a forest. 

Things Getting Old elmo

6. An abandoned apartment building near the sea in the former fishing village of Kirovsky, Russia.

Things Getting Old russia
Image source: Meunderwears / Reddit

7. This 50-year-old door has withered away at the top after being hit by a bell for years.

Things Getting Old door
Image source: noblecloud / Reddit

8. This train station corner in the UK has been battered down by handbags over the years.

Things Getting Old corner

9. The doorknob on the right has almost eroded after being exposed to sea wind for years.

Things Getting Old doorknob
Image source: andre_lac / Reddit  

10. The stairs at Versailles, France, are almost been squashed like clay.

Things Getting Old versailles
Image source: als6340 / Reddit  
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