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20 Best Unforgettable Broadway Numbers

 Broadway Musical Theater remains as successful as ever for good reason! Leaving a feel-good musical is one of the most uplifting sensations. The Theater District in New York is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Like everything else, musical theater had a humble beginning. The Tony Awards, the Oscars' equivalent for theater, were founded in 1947. Back then, you could buy a ticket to the ceremony for just $7. The price was raised to $10 in 1948 due to the event’s popularity. If you’d like to score a seat at the Tony Awards these days, you would have to pay $2.990!
But the one thing that didn’t change is the joy or emotion a good Broadway number can spark.

We hope you enjoy these 20 classic Broadway tunes, which definitely passed the test of time. And if that playlist left you wanting more...

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