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These Illustrations Depict Stark Truths of Modern Society

 It is no secret that modern society has plenty of drawbacks. Our dependence on technology, our addiction to social media and the way we are constantly destroying the natural world can be pointed out as some of the failings of the contemporary world.
We are so consumed by our everyday life that we don’t even have the time to pause and reflect on these issues. This is where artist Steffen Kraft aka ICONEO’s work may force us to rethink. His thought-provoking illustrations often depict the stark and uncomfortable truths about modern society. Here is a look at some of the poignant ones.
1. Children's Addiction to Gadgets at a Young Age Is Damaging. Modern Society Illustrations Children's addiction
2. When Did We Become Living Zombies? When Did We Become Slaves to Our Devices?  Modern Society Illustrations slaves to devices
3. Something Needs to be Done to Save The Natural Habitats of Animals.
 Modern Society Illustrations natural habitats of animals
4. Depression Isn't a Joke and Needs to Be Addressed Seriously. 
 Modern Society Illustrations depression
5. We've all Been Pulled in By Fake News. Beware! 
 Modern Society Illustrations fake news
6. Think Twice About How We Should be Entertaining Our Children.
 Modern Society Illustrations children entertainment
7. Don't Give In to a Sedentary Lifestyle. We Can Do Better.
 Modern Society Illustrations Sedentary Lifestyle
8. Will We Ever Stop Destroying Our Oceans With Plastic? 
 Modern Society Illustrations ocean and plastic
9. Animals Deserve To Live In Their Homes Too. Let’s Not Ruin Them.
 Modern Society Illustrations animal homes
10. You are Not Obliged to Smile Forcibly Despite Being Overburdened. Be Natural.
 Modern Society Illustrations forced smile
11. Why Have We Made Our Computers Our Only Gateway To The World? 
 Modern Society Illustrations computers
12. We’ve Become Obsessed With Wanting More and More While Others Have Nothing. Look Around and Feel.
 Modern Society Illustrations obsession for more
13. A Divorce Can Deeply Affect a Child’s Development. They Need to be Handled Tenderly.
 Modern Society Illustrations divorce
14. Perhaps We are Now Drowning in the Social Media World. Perhaps We Need To Rescue Ourselves From It. 
 Modern Society Illustrations social media
15. Do We Focus More On Our Phones Than Our Partners Today? 
 Modern Society Illustrations phones
Images source: Steffen Kraft 
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