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Collection: 12 Full Guides to Pet Care!

 As a pet owner, I get frustrated often, because it's hard to understand at times what it is your pet really needs. They can't tell you, and it can be very confusing reading the signs. Besides, there is so much to know about these creatures we've added to our families, so much to know. What can't we feed them? How do we know they're sick? What does their behavior mean? All this and more you'll find in the 12 guides below.
As a dog owner, I have to admit that I like giving my dog the occasional treat, and while she loves those doggy biscuits, I’m often unsure what actually goes into them. For this reason, I have decided to make my own doggy treats! They’re delicious, healthy and easy to make, so I included 2 recipes for doggie treats and 2 for kitties.
There may be times when our pets have accidents on our favorite carpets, or on the floor. Thankfully, a little cleaning know-how goes a long way. Learn how to remove stains, both old and new and use home remedies to maintain a clean home.
Pets give us unconditional love, protect our homes, entertain us and simply make life better. If you love your pets (which I’m sure you do), you should know that there are common house plants that can be highly toxic for them.
Our beloved cats and dogs love playing outside just as much as we do and, just like us, they are susceptible to picking up the odd tick every now and again. Therefore, after your pet has finished playing outside, you should check them over thoroughly as ticks carry the nasty illness known as Lyme disease.
If you have a pet, it probably knows how important it is to you because you very likely show it a lot of affection. We have a lot of ways to show our pets that we love them, but sometimes these ways can have the opposite intended effect, and instead of providing them with a soothing and peaceful feeling, we unintentionally make them feel frightened, stressed or confused. Therefore, it’s time we find out the 14 mistakes we make with our pets, and how to fix them.
Herbs are not only a natural and tasty addition to various foods, but they also have significant health benefits for everyone who consumes them. Although we are used to seeing these natural ingredients as food for humans alone, even our four-legged friends can benefit a great deal from them. So next time you make soup or salad, remember to save a bunch of basil, dill or any of the next 8 wonderful herbs for your pets.
Studies have shown that people who have pets cope better with stress and visit the doctor less than people who don’t. Without a doubt, our cats and dogs help us a ton, but, as many of you know, our furry friends need our support too, especially when they aren’t feeling their best. To be the best pet parent you can be, pay attention to 8 types of changes in the behavior and appearance that require an urgent visit to the veterinarian.

There are over 2,000 species of flea in the world and they are a major issue for most pets and their owners. A flea infestation can get out of hand very quickly because each female can produce up to 50 eggs a day. However, thankfully, nature has provided us with many ways to eradicate fleas and we are going to share them with you below. Here are 8 natural remedies that will help you get rid of a tortuous flea infestation.

Anyone who raises a pet wants to keep it healthy, but since cats and dogs don’t verbally complain about any medical problem, there are cases where we may be late heading for the vet or even miss an urgent problem altogether. Since you can’t really go for a veterinary check-up once a week, it's important that you familiarize yourself with the simple checks in this article.
Believe it or not, your pet has the ability to feel a whole spectrum of emotions, and this includes misery. The only difference is, an animal can't verbally communicate when something is wrong. This means it's on you to keep an eye out. If you are worried about how your pet is feeling, here are some telltale signs your cat or dog might be suffering from pet depression.
Many dog owners have no idea that sugar-free chewing gum, scented candles, and portable heaters are equally, if not more toxic to their beloved pet. Do you have anything in your home or garden that could be poisonous to your canine friend? Look through this list of 21 common household items toxic to dogs to find out, and if so, get rid of it asap or keep it as far from your pet’s reach as you possibly can.
Like every other pet, felines, too, have their own ‘standards of living’, so to speak, and many cat owners don’t realize that certain foods, habits, plants or everyday objects can pose a danger to your kitty's health. If you're a cat owner, look through these 15 tips to make sure you're caring for your fluffy little friend (or friends) the best way possible.
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