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Collection: The Most Beautiful Trees and Forests

 Witness the boundless power and beauty of nature by looking through this carefully curated collection of the most breathtaking photos of forests and trees. You'll have the chance to be teleported to all corners of the planet - from the mysterious Black Forest to the blooming of sakura in Japan, and observe these extraordinarily stunning locations.
The black forest is home to mountain ranges, lakes, waterfalls, streams, and scenery that has broken countless hearts. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, dressed in colors of white and green in the winter, yellow, orange and red in the fall, and every other color in between. Enjoy these stunning views of this magical place.
Japan is more than Japanese culture, it is also a land of unspeakable natural beauty. A big part of that fact is the marvelous and beautiful trees that grow in the land of the rising sun. Let's have a look and see some of the most gorgeous ones.
People used to live close to trees and forests, and tramping uninhabited lands was a favorite pastime of many. As we’ve become more urban this experience has become uncommon and the sites of magical forests rare. Come join us for a stroll in a beautiful world free of people and noise.
Beth Moon has a passion for photographing ancient trees. The San Francisco based resident has traveled the world to capture some of the most breathtaking trees you will ever see, a journey that took 14 years to complete.
If you want to catch a glimpse of such magical splendor, take a look at the mind-boggling photography of Janek Sedlář from the Czech Republic, who captured the raw beauty of the forests of Moravia and the White Carpathians during the fall.
Trees are silent, humble and not at all demanding once they are all grown, however they have some understated abilities, that we often overlook. The following facts will make you ponder the curious power of these magnificent living giants.

Trees are great, aren’t they? They give us shade in the summer, wood for our fires in the winter, and most importantly - they produce oxygen! Oh, and let’s not forget that all of your favorite fruits grow on trees. With this on my mind, I decided to dedicate this post to the world’s most beautiful trees. Enjoy!

Trees are our life-source. They give off the oxygen that we need to breathe, but they also make the world a beautiful place. Here are some gorgeous photographs of the world's most spectacular trees.

There are few things more magical than finding yourself walking through a tree tunnel on a warm spring evening. Whether naturally formed or painstakingly created, these tree tunnels are sure to bewitch and enchant anyone lucky enough to walk through them, whether alone or in a similarly appreciative company.

Trees bring people together and create a happy atmosphere. They provide us with shade, nutrition, and relaxation as well. Trees play an important role in history, with some dating back thousands of years.
Forests make up nearly a third of our planet. Many people think that a forest is just an endless cluster of evergreen trees, but, in fact, they can be incredibly diverse. Check out the following 10 wonderful forests from all over the world to see for yourself how diverse they can be.

20 Ancient and Mysterious Forests

Forests have an ancient and mysterious charm. They showcase the beauty of nature seen in various parts of the world and are perfectly depicted in the stunning photos that you are about to see below. Enjoy!
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