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18 Heart Melting Felted Wool Portraits of Pets

 Felted wool is becoming an increasingly popular material, and nowadays, many artists have the incredible skill and talent to create the most realistic three-dimensional portrait of lovable, cuddly animals from this fluffy and soft material. Ukrainian artist Hanna Tsukanova is one of such skilled artists, and she specializes in creating realistic pet portraits using sheep’s wool and the dry felting method.
Each portrait takes weeks to complete, and Hanna points out that one of the main goals is to express each pet’s personality in her creations. Only the pet owners will be able to tell whether or not she manages to do so, but we can surely say that she succeeds at capturing our attention with her beautiful portraits, the best of which we share with you below. You can learn and see more of Anna’s artwork by visiting her Website, Facebook, or Instagram page.  
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