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11 Guides to Human Psychology

 When it comes to psychology, what we don't know is probably more than we actually DO know. That's pretty incredible, considering we've been exploring the human mind for thousands of years. However, it was only in the last 200 years that considerable advancements were made by people like Freud, Erickson and many others. Today's field of psychology is as informative as it is elusive. Some things we do know now, like how damaging trauma can be, how we process information, how we lie, what we use to defend ourselves mentally, and so much more. The human psyche is a vast ocean, but here we can offer you some islands of understanding that will make you a bit wiser in the ways of other human beings.
We all know how to lie from a very young age. Many children lie almost as soon as they can speak. But what actually goes through our heads and brains when we deceive another person? Does our brain know the difference between reality and fiction? Find out all of this and more as you continue to read!
You don’t need to pay big bucks for a psychiatrist to improve your social relations and your mind’s balance, you just need the right knowledge and right habits. Here are 15 very wise psychological tricks that you can employ on yourself and on other people to help you lead a better and more successful life. These tricks will show you how to be liked, how to calm people down and how to calm yourself down.
There are times and moments when life can get the best of us. But, with these tips and psychological techniques, you will feel happy and will learn to rejoice in each new day. The findings below, studied by neuroscientists, indicate when and why your brain can give you the feeling of total satisfaction.
Psychological theories provide insight into every aspect of human behavior. There isn't one of us that doesn't wish to know ourselves better, and psychological theories can go a long way toward providing insight into the mind and human psyche. Having knowledge of them can be life-changing if you make correct use of the information they contain.
Most of the human brain's defense mechanisms operate outside of our conscious awareness, and that's because they're designed to protect us from various factors that might damage our brain function. Psychodynamic theory (Sigmund Freud et al.), states that these defenses are a way of distancing ourselves from acknowledging unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as we go through our lives.
Do you know of the oddities and idiosyncrasies of the human mind? Psychologists have long been at work to highlight them through the various experiments that they devise, and they often garner incredible results. Here are 10 psychological experiments that are famous for uncovering incredible (and occasionally uncomfortable) truths about us all.
In moments of weakness and crisis, after our body has exhausted all its forces, the only thing we have left that can give us the last push we need is our mental strength. We all have mental power at some level or another, and the question is not just how strong it is in general, but how powerful it is in relation to our goals. A person who tries to lose weight and doesn’t give up for a long time is a person of great mental strength.
Raising children is not an exact science because every child has their own unique needs, temperament, and passions. Many parents are often faced with questions and issues they don’t know how to deal with, so they turn to family, friends or blogs for information about what to do when they encounter such a problem. The following 9 tips will give you a little insight into what can be done in cases that occur on a daily basis for almost every family around the world.
There are actions that we all do automatically without understanding why. For example, did you notice that you often open doors for other people? Or have you ever thought about why you park your car next to another vehicle, even when there are plenty of places available? If you do these things and don’t really know why you should learn how scientists explain them and understand the logic behind the following 9 behaviors because every law or action has an interesting explanation.
Some people in the world just radiate charisma in a way that attracts all those around them. Some of them become famous movie stars or politicians. That said, most of us don't need to be rich or famous to have such charisma. Looks aren't a determining factor either. What DOES affect people's attraction towards you? You're welcome to find out with 9 great psychological tips that can increase anyone's charisma.
A great little guide to the psychology of color, as used in design and as it influences our perception. It's amazing what a little color can do!
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