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A Collection of 11 English Language Quizzes

 If you've enjoyed our math quiz collection, or if you just have a thing for language, why not try and beat any of these 11 English language quizzes? Each is a little bit different, from testing your homonym knowledge to plurals, phrases and many more aspects of English, each with each own fun twist. So are you in for some fun quizzing of your English skills? Let's do it!
Do you think that you've got what it takes to get 100% on this tricky English test? Apparently, only 2 out of 25 Americans managed to ace it, so if you want to make your country proud, then give it a go! If you like this test, don't forget to share it with your friends and family, and discover who's got the best level of English amongst all of you!
Do you think you're a master of the English language? Are you confident that you know the plurals of some of the trickiest words that this gargantuan language has to offer? Then give this language quiz a try, and you'll find out soon enough!
You might feel that you're competent when communicating in everyday English, but how well do you think you'd do when trying to decipher the English that our great-grandparents used? This quiz will test your knowledge of some of the most interesting yet peculiar English words that have fallen out of common use. Give it a go, and see how well you fare.
You might feel that you're the king or queen of the English language when using common words or phrases, but how well do you think you'd do when trying to decipher some of the strangest words and phrases that this fabulous language has to offer? This quiz will test your knowledge of some of the weirdest words that you'll ever come across. Give it a try, and see how many you can get right!
Think you're a master of the English language? If so, then completing these common English sayings and expressions should be a walk in the park for you, despite the fact that only 2% of American adults can get them all right!
If you love the USA, then you're bound to be able to spell its most popular cities correctly, right? While we'd like to believe that, it turns out that very few people can actually spell all 22 of these US cities correctly. If you think you're one of them, then give this quiz a shot, and see how many you can spell correctly!
Sheep or sheeps? Definitely or definately? Do YOU know which English word to use? If so then we invite you to give this language quiz a shot and see just how far your knowledge of the English language extends. Best of luck to you!
Want to assess just how great your English grammar truly is? If so, then you've come to the right place, as the test below will challenge every single aspect of the English language and see how smart you really are!
Reading Shakespeare’s plays in their original version is easy-peasy, do you agree? If so, you might consider yourself an expert of Old English, though, technically speaking, this era in the development of the English language is formally called Early Modern or Shakespearean English. For those of you who want to test your knowledge of this older version of English, we welcome you to try this quite challenging quiz.
We all have sayings we like to use. The good thing about them is that they give a fun and quick way to convey an idea. Many of these sayings have been passed down from generation to generation, and most of the ones we use today are actually hundreds of years old. So how's your English knowledge, can you complete the following?

The next words you're about to see are long words that most people have never heard of. Can you suss out their meaning and earn more points in the Baba-Mail English quizzes?


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