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The Most Beautiful Ancient Castles and Fortresses

 The countless architectural wonders scattered throughout the planet are, certainly, among the greatest legacies of the previous generations, and castles, palaces, and fortresses are the crown jewels of that legacy. Featured in this sizeable collection of articles are the most noteworthy castles and fortresses in many European countries, such as Germany, France, and Poland, as well as other, more exotic destinations. Choose the ones you'd like to learn more about right now from this list of articles and click on the image or title to read the full article.
France is renowned for its many castles. With a very long and rich history, there are many structures still left from medieval times throughout this beautiful country, many of them still intact or rebuilt. Enjoy seeing and learning a bit about these ancient, fascinating structures from an age gone long ago.
You may not have realized this, but the world is still full of stunning castles taken right out of fairy-tales, which make me want to remodel my house with a wall and tower. There are a lot of beautiful castles in the world, but these are my favorites.
When I think of castles, I think of gallant knights, beautiful princesses, grandeur and untold wealth. I also imagine what it would have been like to live in one. Getting a glimpse into life from a time gone by is possible thanks to these 12 beautiful castle hotels.

The wonderful buildings you are about to see here testify to the Swiss people’s successful concern for self-preservation and defense. Enjoy 10 of Switzerland’s most spectacular castles. Some of these handsome fortifications look like they were taken right out of a Disney movie!

Right in Central Europe’s mysterious heart lies the ancient country of Poland. Unsurprisingly, since Poland has hosted much of Europe’s tempestuous history, its architecture is like a living museum to the great exploits and events of the past. The following are probably the 10 best castles that can be found in Poland.
There are few who fail to be impressed by the site of an English castle. In addition to being many hundreds of years old, their imposing walls and fortifications command attention and respect. Here are the 7 most impressive English castles of all.
Castles served as (almost) impenetrable fortresses in medieval times, but many have long since fallen into disrepair. With that being said, many abandoned castles are the source of great fascination for people. Some even say that they’re haunted! Here are 10 abandoned castles from around the world.
Germany is a beautiful country and is always worth a visit in general, but one particular region in this country piques the interest among tourists, Bavaria. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 7 best Bavarian castles and show you around.
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