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The Precious World of Jewelry Collection

 Admire a whole world of precious stones and art, from the most creative, to the most valuable and the most expensive jewelry, learning a few handy tips in the meantime. In this collection of articles, you can learn everything about jewelry maintenance, a few useful ways of distinguishing precious jewelry from cheap copies, as well as get the chance to admire some of the most luxurious jewelry there is on the planet. Finally, we showcase several talented artisans who revolutionize the world of traditional jewelry, so that everyone who enjoys the art of jewelry design finds something of interest on our list.
We all know that nature is the source of some of the most beautiful things on earth. In light of that fact, artists and jewelry makers have created these wonderful and original items that combine the beauty of living plants, with your everyday outfit. It’s a truly unique and stunning way to show your love for nature while wearing amazing accessories.
What IS jewelry? Is it just precious metals and precious stones? Even today, they are more than that. They are symbols of status, of beauty and of royalty. These 12 sets of gorgeous jewelry are among the most expensive in the world, starting with millions and ending in priceless - which are the most expensive jewelry sets and who are the proud owners?
You can fit almost anything inside a tiny glass globe ring, right? Well, that depends on how creative you are. The transparent globe rings contain items inside that range from flowers to treasures and even a few with Christmas spirit. Wait until you see the incredible gems floating around these 20 magical glass orbs!
How much do you know about the materials that have made the human heart beat faster, kings to wage wars and queens to lose their head? Gold, diamonds, gemstones, pearls and other precious metals and stones - though money has changed a lot over the years, these materials and their worth have little changed. Enjoy and learn some fascinating facts about jewelry.
You may have heard of Fabergé eggs in passing, but these ornaments are not a variety you can get in a store – they are some of the most expensive pieces of jewels you can come across. The majority of these eggs are the handiwork of Peter Carl Fabergé, who made them especially for the Russian Tzars between 1885 and 1917. Altogether some 69 eggs were created, each its own delicate work of precious metals, gems, and enamel coating. This series of photos will show you some of the most famous and artistic Fabergé eggs, as well as the interesting history behind them.
Reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is said to have more than 300 pieces of jewelry in her personal collection - some 98 brooches, 46 necklaces, 34 pairs of earrings, 15 rings, 14 watches, and five pendants. Although the value of each individual piece is nothing short of jaw-dropping, the history and lineage behind them are arguably even more impressive, from the royal women who wore them, to the diamonds contained in them that were previously part of other royal pieces.
Has your silver lost its sparkle? Does that gold ring no longer glisten as it once did? Do you want your diamond to dazzle again? You don't necessarily need to buy expensive cleaning products to restore your precious jewelry items to their former glory - there are a number of easy cleaning methods you can try yourself at home, using standard household cleaning items!

If you’re ring shopping, you might find that the options – and price ranges – for diamond jewelry are dizzying. The color, carat, clarity, and cut of the gem can all affect significantly affect the price. To add to this, conventional wisdom says that you should look to spend at least three months’ salary on the stone. Increasingly common on the market, lab-grown or synthetic diamonds are perfect replicas of nature’s diamonds, but they've grown in a laboratory instead of being mined from the earth. 


In 2015, Miha Debeljak decided to take up woodwork as a hobby, with nothing but some of his granddad’s rusty old hand tools to put to use. His hobby soon turned into an obsession and he started to spend every bit of his spare time in his workshop, often working very late into the night. It was during this time that he stumbled upon (and fell in love with) resin. Having already worked with wood, he naturally started combining the two materials together with amazing results – he really loved how the resin and wood jewelry turned out.

Diamonds are beautiful things, but some are more beautiful than others. In fact, the seven you're about to see below are arguably the most famous and the most precious in the entire world. Not only have they been bestowed with their own proper nouns, but they also have histories of royal ownership and weigh up to 3,100 carats. Are you ready to see the world's most famous diamonds? Let's go!
Fake jewelry has been around for a long time, with silver being sold as white gold and fake hallmarks being engraved into pieces of jewelry. Fake gems are also often used instead of real ones. It is therefore important to be aware of these things when shopping for jewelry. Here are some simple methods that will help you identify whether a piece of jewelry is real or fake.
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