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Collection of Unique and Rare Classic Cars

 Automobile design is among the finest fusions of art and engineering, with every detail of a vehicle's design being ideally not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Nowadays, we often observe how functionality is prioritized in the automotive industry, which makes sense, as most modern cars have become a commodity and not the luxury statement automobiles once were. Still, we cannot help but reminisce about those times when every car was a work of impeccable artisan craftsmanship. This collection of articles is dedicated to those vintage classics and unique masterpieces that inevitably pull at our heartstrings. 
While most buyers go to a car auction seeking a bargain, there's a lucky few for whom money is no issue. These collectors are able to hand over millions of dollars to pick up their dream motors at auction houses around the world. Vintage, classic cars will always be in vogue and when a particularly rare model comes up for sale, enthusiasts and collectors will go to great lengths to make sure they don't miss out - and these examples prove it.
The cars of today owe a lot to the vehicles that came before them. Car design has always been about innovation and breaking new ground, but it's rare to find an automobile that can genuinely be said to have changed everything that came afterward. The cars on this list were not your average motors - each and every one of them had an influence that reached far beyond their original conception. Here are the unique stories of ten of the most innovative and influential cars ever produced.
These are the rarest of the rarest classic and historical cars, and if you like anything on wheels, their grace and beauty will have you hooked. They may make them faster and safer today, complete with cup holders and GPS trackers - but they're just not made to be like this.
Many a beautiful car is bought and sold via auctions around the world each year, but the cars that you'll find in this list are a cut above the rest. They are among the rarest, most valuable and most prestigious cars ever built, and it goes without saying that they all changed hands with price tags to match. Here are the most expensive classic cars sold via auction during this year to date.
If you've ever felt that your car is too old, and you wish you had a newer one, then perhaps you haven't had a good look at these vintage motors. These cars start from the very first official automobile in the 19th Century and proceed into the 20th. Looking at these, it's hard not to appreciate the workmanship and class that went into the first motor vehicles. They were, after all, the height of technology at the time.
Concept cars offer automotive designers the chance to go wild. They are also a fantastic way for an auto manufacturer to gauge public reaction to a design direction they may or may not choose to take, as well as being an outright showcase for a manufacturer’s innovation and technological capability. Here are 11 of the most important concept cars in history.
These fantastic cars are unique - in the full sense of the word. Only one example of each was manufactured, which makes them seem even more remarkable in today's era of mass production and consumer-focused design. Some were experimental concept cars, some were made to prove a point, others were manufactured at the whim of an inventor or collector - but they all share a very special trait in common. Not only are they beautiful in their own right, but each of these cars is truly 'one-of-a-kind'.
These are some of the weirdest, wildest and most outrageous cars I have ever seen, unfortunately, none of them ever appeared for retail, and now we have to wonder what might have been. As an old-time car-lover, I only wish I could get the chance to race these curious beauties! So here are my 30 most spectacular motor cars never to see the light of day, starting way back from the '30s golden age of car design all the way to the present day.
Car designers have always been keen to come up with new and unusual designs that push boundaries and feed the imagination of car enthusiasts. Some of these concepts never make it to the general market, but their beauty, innovation and, on occasion, downright strangeness deserve a wider audience. The Dream Cars exhibit at the High Museum, Atlanta collected photos of some of the strangest car designs ever created by man and put them on display in September 2014.
The 1930s and 40s were a fascinating time for the automotive industry. The art deco movement provided people with an escape from the seemingly endless trouble that the world was dealing with. The exquisite, coach-built vehicles you'll see below exude flamboyance, flair and sheer beauty. It is now 80 years later, and the cars inspired by the art deco movement are still, easily among the most coveted cars in the world. Here are 12 stunning automotive masterpieces from the art deco era.
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