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Collection of Dazzling Artworks Depicting Animals

 Humans and animals have a very complex and nuanced relationship. On one hand, we let some of them sleep on our couch and steal our hearts, but on the other hand, we are terrified of some animals, like spiders, which came to embody our worst nightmares and deepest fears. These are but two aspects of the rich mosaic of relationships between humans and animals. Still, only they are enough to establish the truth: we are fascinated by animals, they move and inspire human emotion and creativity like very few other things observed in nature. To celebrate the animal form in art throughout the ages, let’s take a look at these stunning artworks all depicting various living creatures.
Talented Chinese artist Hua Tunan creates original artwork using ink splattering. The beautiful animal paintings he produces are breathtaking. His chaotic style combines traditional painting techniques with a modern street art approach.
It is not often that one can look at a sculpture and truly connect to the feeling it portrays, even less so when the subject of the sculpture is not human. Beth Cavener’s work is a fantastic exception to this, as her unique style captivates true human emotions by using animals. There’s a short lovely documentary about Beth and her technique at the end of the article.​
Artist Luqman Reza creates expressive animal paintings using watercolor paint. He has always had a knack for art, even as a child. Having grown up in the countryside in a modest family, Luqman's parents did not have much money to buy their son toys. They gave him a drawing book and a set of markers instead.
Stones may not seem like your ordinary canvas for painting. But artist Akie Nakata says that the stones she finds on the river bed catch her eye. For Akie, there is more to her art than simply painting on the stone.
Raku Inoue turned to art to find balance and figure out his identity. In his self-discovery process, he spent many years experimenting, looking for the right media and tools that he could relate to. At first, his creations predominantly sought to please his agents and clients, but when he stepped away from creating art to please others, he discovered a different medium. Using flowers as his tool and bugs as his inspiration, Raku was able to create a truly innovative and stunning style of art.
The season of harvesting is upon us! Fall brings with it festivals that take place all over the world to celebrate the season. In Northern Japan, one festival that is prevalent at this time of year is the rice season, in which a wildly inventive and fun way to re-purpose rice straw, leftover from the harvest, is turned into phenomenal art.

Katie Doka used to teach drawing, painting, and sculpting at a High School. However, in 2008, she decided to quit this line of work and begin making miniature sculptures and giving doll-making courses for adults. She mostly enjoys making miniature birds as she loves the colors of their plumage. She says that it’s a special experience to make a tiny animal because when it’s done, she feels that it has come to life, and is about to fly away.

Jürgen Lingl-Rebetez is an award-winning German artist who specializes in wood carving. He started his artistic career as a painter in his early 20s, and not so long after he discovered wood and all the incredibly beautiful things he can create using it. Take a look at his fascinating art.
Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto uses a wide variety of different colored balloons to create charming and complex animals that look a LOT more like their original counterparts than what you’d see at a run-of-the-mill party. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that anyone who sees his works is astonished by how much they resemble the animals that inspire him, and if you don’t believe us, we invite you to take a look for yourself.
Matt Wilson is an artist from South Carolina. His art is created from knives, forks or cuillères, in which he bends the metal to his will, bringing various types of animals to life. Personally, I can't get enough of his work. Take a look.
Japanese artist Miru creates wool animals so realistic at times you won’t believe they’re not live pets. The artist has a special technique using needle-felted wool to achieve this lifelike effect in her creations. Oftentimes, the dolls are based on pictures of her clients’ pets and are practically indistinguishable from the “originals”.
Glass paintings are quite an unusual and intriguing phenomenon in itself, but wait until you see what incredible detail and precision painter Yosman Botero Gómez can achieve by creating 3D paintings of animals on plexiglass. The artist creates the illusion of dimension by overlapping several precisely-placed layers of plexiglass attached to a sturdy frame.

Beautiful Animal Paintings

With enough talent and patience, no special tools are required. Just your hands, some ink and a lot of imagination and concentration. These Terrific drawings by Tim Jeffs were created using only an ink-filled pen, the same as any we use every day. Jeffs says that he loves the drama created by this contrast of black and white. Also, he likes the challenge of not being able to make mistakes, so each creation is continuous and without flaw. This beautiful collection is incredible.
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