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Collection: The Most Inspirational Quotes!

 There's a reason we love inspirational quotes. The things we say are rarely recorded, even though many of us say smart things all the time. Indeed, you usually have to be famous to have your lines recorded, but you also have to be brilliant, witty or deep (or all three). Great quotes bring us the wisdom and humor of the previous generations, some hundreds of years in the past, but they are still relevant today because technology may change, but not the human spirit. Before you are 14 quote posts, from Einstein to Oscar Wilde, from gardening to art quotes - each of the 14 posts has a different theme. Enjoy!
Born in 1854, Oscar Wilde was an Irish-born poet and writer. Through the 1880s & 1890s, Wilde became the most successful playwright in London. His play “The Importance of Being Earnest” still gets performed in major theaters and even got several iterations in movie form. To this day, Oscar Wilde is considered to be one of the most important writers in English history. Here are 25 Oscar Wilde quotes that show how witty and deep this man was.
Albert Einstein's name is synonymous with intelligence. Although he's most well-known for his invaluable contributions to math and physics, he was also regarded by those of his generation as a great thinker in many other fields. Much of what he wrote and said has turned into proverbs today, and there was always much wisdom, beauty and a love of peace in his words.
Not everyone might have green fingers, but everyone is able to appreciate the hard work every gardener does to achieve a beautiful garden. And while the fruits of gardening are indeed something to marvel at, there's far more to it than just determination. Gardening brings peace to the mind and calms to the soul...

 India is well-known for its spiritual teachers, gurus and great philosophers, with some garnering worldwide fame throughout the ages. Many utterances of these special men have sparked many an hour of introspection, and I'm sure the 16 insightful quotes that you're about to see will do the same.


Voltaire, born François-Marie Arouet, was a French Enlightenment writer, philosopher, and historian, who is particularly famous for his sharp wit and scathing satire. It goes without saying that throughout his entire body of work, there lie plenty of important and memorable quotes, and here are 15 of his finest.


These quotes represent seven thoughts that can be taken to deeper levels because there is much truth to them, and the more you ponder about them, the more you understand some of life's little secrets. Take these quotes to heart and mind, and give them some serious thought.


Martin Luther King Jr was one of the most influential men who has ever walked on this planet, and his famous 'I Have a Dream' speech lives on in the hearts of many people even today. Below, you'll find 17 of his most powerful quotes that are bound to fill your soul with hope.

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