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Beginners Dancing Lessons In 10 Popular Styles

 Going to dancing lessons can be costly, intimidating and simply unaccessible to many people. Luckily, you can find anything on the Internet, and this includes simple, step-by-step, beginner-friendly dancing lessons in an enormous variety of styles: tap dancing, samba, waltz, swing and so on. You name it - the Internet has got it!

We have compiled a selection of 10 excellent and fun tutorials in the most popular dancing genres for you to enjoy and dance along in this video box. Don't be shy and try at least some of these dance moves. Even if you won't enjoy it as much as you hoped for, at least you'll get your daily dose of cardio exercise. 


This tutorial will teach you the basics of posture, prep and the main tap dance steps you need to know to start your tap dancing career. Before you start, we'd just like to add an extra tip: make tap dancing easier for yourself by leaning slightly forward. This will help you keep your balance on the balls of your feet and make lifting your feet easier.
2. Salsa
This video will teach you the basics steps of salsa dancing, right turns, cross body leads and the cross body lead 180, which is just enough for you to start improvising to any song salsa-style. Do keep in mind that your individual pacing is key in salsa, don't try to be as fast as the instructors right away (or ever), as dancing is supposed to be fun, after all.
3. Waltz
In this walkthrough, you can learn the main steps and pace for waltz, but we'd like to add a note on posture. The follower has to trust the leader (so choose a reliable partner) enough to lean back slightly in the upper body. This will help the leader direct the follower easier, which is key to avoid stepped-on toes, among other things.
The cha cha is a quite fast-paced dance, as you will be able to see during the video tutorial. For inexperienced dancers, it can become tiring very soon. To avoid this, make sure to make smaller steps. Instructors generally advise to step no further than your shoulder level, this will ensure a smooth an easy transition from one leg to another.
5. Swing
During this tutorial, you'll learn the basic steps of swing for both the woman and the man. It's super simple and easy to follow. An extra tip for those who started dancing in a pair: resist the temptation to look down. Instead, always look directly at your partner. They will communicate their next steps, which you can miss when looking down at your feet.
This fun line dancing lesson will teach you how to do the electric slide, one of the basic sequences in line dancing. It's super fun to do in groups, but make sure to wear the right shoes: jogging shoes usually grip too much to the floor, which can ultimately hurt your joints, so opt for a pair of shoes that slide on the floor better, ideally dancing shoes.
In this detailed tutorial, you will learn everything a beginner needs to know about jive, and by the end of it, you will be able to show off your new skills on the dance floor to practically any song. Just remember not to hold your poor partner too strongly: a light hold is quite enough. It's both more maneuverable, and more pleasant for both of you.
8. Samba
Samba is also a pretty swift-paced dance, and beginners often run out of breath when learning the basic moves. Usually, this is because they hold their breath during transitions, or simply because they're a little nervous. To prevent that from happening, be mindful of your breath, don't hold it in. Relax and breathe evenly at all times.
As you will learn in this video, disco funk is all about the fun of combining the set of basic moves you've learned in infinite (and often surprising) combinations. There are no harsh rules on where and how to step, it's all about the fun. Just don't forget to put on a fabulous outfit to complement the hustler moves you've learned.
10. Tango
Tango is not called the most romantic dance for no reason, but it can be challenging for beginners because it is a bit more demanding in terms of balance. To increase your stability, resist curling up your toes when dancing. Instead, keep them as flat as you can, almost plaster them to the floor, and you are guaranteed to feel completely sturdy.
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