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Tips for Staying Organized

 When you think of everything we require at home, kids' toys, beauty items, household chemicals, tons of shoes... keeping the house organized can be a real headache. Sometimes we feel uninspired at how to arrange everything so, it is both beautiful and convenient when results last for more than a day. Check out these awesome ideas that will surely make you feel incredibly organized at home:

Store knives in a wise way. This drawer has a sliding upper part that reveals another small storage area. 


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Organize a separate area for fruits & veggies.


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Set up a “creative cart” for your kids with all their favorite art & craft supplies.


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Organize a creative corner to keep your own materials in one place.


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Keep personal items organized - Hang a bag hook in your hall for each family member.


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Need a place for small things that always create a mess?


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Organize a separate drawer for baking sheets and cutting boards (or get a divider).


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Use the space under the sink to the fullest, and buy some containers and racks to keep it neat.


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Use a Lazy Susan to comfortably store spices & oils.


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Organize your pot covers.


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Store shoes you don’t use right now in transparent containers, to easily find the right pair when you need it.


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Use a pegboard to free your desk from stationery supplies.

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