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Terriers that Were Bred to Win You Over

 Terriers are dogs that were originally cultivated to hunt, and some breeds certainly still have a fierce reputation (often, unfairly so). However, as hunting fell out fashion, Terriers were grown less for their killer instincts, and more for their adorable looks. Nowadays, they come in all shapes, sizes, and forms (from carry-in-your-purse Australians to massive Airedales), are typically very playful and goofy, and the only thing they're ready to hunt is your heart. See for yourself:
This Boston Terrier looks about ready for a bathCute terriers
Look at these gorgeous green eyes!Cute terriers
It wasn't me! The cushion exploded of its own accord!Cute terriers
Cute terriers
This Bull Terrier looks like a humanities major who moonlights as a baristaCute terriers
Happiness really is a warm puppyCute terriers
Two Bull Terriers engaging in ritual combat:Cute terriers
This Cairn Terrier looks fierce! Rawr!Cute terriers
Michelangelo couldn't have drawn it betterCute terriers
This plant looks an awful lot like a Jack RussellCute terriers
This Silky Terrier is living the good life!Cute terriers
Okay, I've got to know what shampoo this Silky's usingCute terriers
This Staffordshire's ready for bed-time!Cute terriers
Nothing that a good scrubbin' can't fixCute terriers
Can't tell if this Yorkshire Terrier wants to eat my face off or kiss itCute terriers
The elusive Ewok Terrier (actually a sloth pasted onto a Yorkie)Cute terriers
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