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6 Surprising and Useful Uses for Baby Oil

 When we have babies, we often moisturize and rub their little bodies in baby oil. But as our children get older, there is no longer any use for baby oil, or is there? If you still have a bottle of baby oil on hand, fret not! This article will show you how you can use it in these 6 surprising and effective ways, that go beyond the nursery!


baby oil

1. Polish stainless-steel surfaces

Take a dry rag, drip a few drops of baby oil onto it, and use it to rub the stainless-steel or chrome surface you want to polish. To finish, wipe the surface with a towel and repeat the process as needed. 

2. Clean acrylic paint stains off your hands

You no longer have to work hard to removes paint stains from your hands – whether from painting your house out painting with your kids. Just rub your hands with a generous amount of baby oil, wash with warm water and soap and all the stains should easily wash away. 

baby oil

3. Freshen up your car’s dashboard

To clean your car’s dashboard from dust, dirt, and signs of wear just wipe it down with a rag with a few drops of baby oil on it when you’re done, your car will look like it was just driven off the lot. 

4. Loosen a stuck ring 

A simple and easy solution to removing a ring that is stuck on a finger: oil up the outer part of the ring in a generous amount of baby oil and turn it around the finger a number of times – in just a few moments you’ll have the ring slipping right off the finger. 

baby oil

5. Painlessly and effortlessly remove a bandage

In order to remove a bandage from the skin without too much pain, rub some baby oil over the top of the bandage and around its edges. When the bandage starts to loosen its grip on the skin, you’ll be able to pull it off swiftly, easily, painlessly. 

6. Soften a dry and cracked heel

If the skin around your heel is dry, rough or cracked, just rub some baby oil on it before you go to bed and sleep with socks on. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll find soft and supple skin in its place!

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