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How to Stay Warm in a Car With No Heat

 If you don't have any heating capabilities inside your car, then you could be in for a nasty ride this winter. However, it doesn't necessarily need to be this way, since there are a number of things you can do to warm your vehicle up with very little effort. Here are ten of the most effective ones:


car in snow

1. Get a plug-in seat warmer

If your vehicle isn’t fancy enough to come with built-in seat warmers, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a warm seat. Simply get your hands on an after-market seat cover to help thaw out and warm up the vehicle while you drive.

2. Install a block heater

If you install a block heater on your vehicle's engine, it will heat the engine as well as all of its vital fluids, despite freezing temperatures. Such heaters will both help the engine components work better while also heating up the engine more quickly and helping to warm up the passenger compartment.

car in snow

3. Purchase a heated hat

According to the experts at Harvard Health, there’s little subcutaneous fat for insulation in your head. “As a result, even if the rest of your body is nicely wrapped up, if your head is uncovered you’ll lose lots of body heat—potentially up to 50 percent of it—in certain cold-weather conditions.” If you find that a regular hat isn’t cutting it, then get your hands on an electric one!

4. Stash wool blankets in the car

Wool is an excellent insulating fabric since it naturally traps air. That's we recommend keeping a couple of wool blankets in your vehicle since you never know when they might come in handy!

car in snow

5. Buy a steering wheel warmer

You need your hands to drive, but they’re likely to get stiff and cold if you don't have a heater. If you buy a steering wheel warmer, you'll be able to plug it into your vehicle's power socket, which will then allow it to automatically release a temperature of 95°F to 113°F to warm up your hands.

6. Keep a Stash of disposable heating packets

Keeping a stash of single-use, disposable hand and feet warming packets in your car will prove invaluable when you're stuck in sub-zero temperatures without any heating.

car in snow

7. Start your vehicle earlier than usual

Starting up your car a good 10 to 15 minutes before you plan on driving off, the engine will add heat under the hood and with the fan turned on, it will heat up the inside of the vehicle by quite a few degrees.

8. Buy a small heater

If you get your hands on a dashboard heater that plugs into your car’s power socket, you will end up directing heat to the front, top and all around your car, thanks to the high-powered fan, and the two well-placed vents that target both the windshield and the car's interior.

car in snow

9. Make use of a windshield cover

A windshield cover will enable you to keep snow and ice off of your windshield, while simultaneously providing your car with some insulation. Try and look for one with magnetic edges that make it easy to put on and remove.

10. Get a heated travel mug

A hot mug of coffee is a great way to warm yourself up when you first get in your car, but without heating, it will cool down very quickly. Keep your drink and your hands warm by getting hold of a heated travel mug, which plugs into your car’s power socket and maintains a temperature of 140°F.



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